Sunday 9 June 2019

It's rainy so we might as well go out!

Did I ever tell you Reader that David brought a book?  He brought it in Waitrose several years ago and it's a good food guide for the UK.  It was a bit of a bargain at the time being 1p, yes not the £15 as priced, nor £1 but 1p and do you now how stupid we were, it was in not buying several copies.  

So here and there when we going around the canals he gets out said book and off we go for treats.  He's found some fab places and today we were off to another to The Bluebell in Henley-in-Arden.


We were going to have biked there, an easy 20 minute bike ride, but it was early with all promise of the rain returning later.
We drove, I am bad tempered biking in the rain.

So David drove and this corner of either Warwickshire or Worcestershire (I'm not sure which) appears to be like my experience of Norfolk, where the tourists stick to the main roads and the locals drive like bats out of hell around the thin lanes, taking no prisioners and frightening the bejesus out of me. Phew.

Henley-in-Arden is very beautiful with many and varied period homes.  The original village appears to have been a linear village and today the new builds have filled in the gaps behind the widely spaced High St.

Lunch was supremely good, I would recommend other Boaters taking a cab from anywhere along the canal near to it.
I had scallops with apple slices and black pudding (which I picked mostly off and gave to David), followed by the most divine pink cooked lamb.  Both of us had wanted the lamb but only one (Huge) serving left of that so David fell on his sword and had a steak, when it arrived I was envious.  

We didn't have dessert, but later having previously seen a café on the way along to The Bluebell, we went there for excellent coffee and cake.

Risking life and limb, we carefully drove back to Lowsonford, a delivery Ford Transit came face to face with us, David obviously stopped and started to reverse, the van came up to our front bumper putting on his hazard warning lights, we were still reversing when he pushed past going up the verge, no "thank you's" and as we carried on there was a passing place much closer to where he had been.   This was compounded by several female drivers of Range Rovers and similar going at high speeds around corners.

Getting back to the boat the heavens opened and there we stayed snuggled.

Supper wasn't anything at all.

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