Wednesday 26 June 2019

Day of Rest!

Well Reader, today just as if it was a Sunday, we took the day off.  
Yesterday with The Boat Sharers we had cruised for nine hours.  Normal for them, but not for us.

We had a stroll to Wolverley village.  Looked into the sweet looking café in the village on the hill, but seeing as we had only walked for ten minutes we decided against coffee and cakes.

Walking through a meadow to the church,  (You don't have to, there is a road).

From the church, looking back at the lovely pub, The Lock at Wolverley.

I was fascinated by the stone and bricks used in this building.

Garage, caves cut into the sandstone cliffs.

My daughter Verity loves a good door, so these are for her.

The circular stroll led us towards the canal via this well trodden path.

I am not a fan of willow trees, and this seems to be a good use of them, carved into a dragon from GofT's.

The afternoon was spent, well, at the pub for a slow drink and then back onboard WaL.

Supper for me was cheesy mushrooms on toast.  David had decided to finish off odds and ends form the fridge.

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