Friday 8 June 2018

Maffi and cold feet.

So Reader, in the words of General MacArthur; 
I came through and I have returned. 

The week was spent with my mum and mostly shopping.  Did I mention that our last unwed daughter changes that circumstance this September and marries in our garden at home.  This will be the third daughter in three years to marry and I need a new dress.  

The fourth dress was brought and decided upon, most of the others have been returned.
This only leaves shoes bag hat gloves and....  well there's bound to be something else I'll need.

So here we are, we left Enslow marina and motored north retracing our steps by spending a night at the pretty Dashwood lock watching the birds in and out of the hedges.

The next morning off we went again and met up this chap...

We haven't seen Maffi for a good few years, he's been in the wars a bit after breaking his hand, having a bad foot and having a 
"Dickie-Ticker" but he's all mended now and back boating and blogging!!   HERE  

We carried on past both Heyfords and I walked and experienced the tow path, so as you can see the wild grasses and plants (Weeds) were over my head and this is after the contractors have been through here as you can see the browned cut grass in the middle.

Boats moored here or I think these are boats....

Yes a boat.

This field had good growth on it too.

Here he comes.

One of the dresses I brought was this colour.

Note to self;  Remove the chimney in October when we return, a real tight squeeze and a near miss.

See what I did here?

I really wish these Irises lasted longer.

I did the driving here as I can't shift these whopping gates here at Somerton Deep Lock, they are single gates top and bottom so extra heavy.

We moored up here below, a lovely spot with views over the river valley towards the villages of Deddington and Clifton.  
Lets go for a walk says he, I did agree as it looked so very beautiful in the sunshine.

Mooring before I got the shears out.

View over the valley.

 Seems there's a reason more people don't walk over the valley....  
Wet...?  I could see fish here and there.

We were aiming for Deddington's Co-op about three miles away but I was diverted to the pub and a G&T in the sun, not sunny enough to dry my feet out.

On returning I said the road.... but not wanting to be killed as there were no pavements so in self preservation we went back over the fields..... I wasn't at all annoyed.

There was a discarded gate and I would love it, but refrained from theft.

Pretties but no perfume.


I had a hot shower and David made me cheese on toast for supper which greatly improved my disposition.

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