Wednesday 13 June 2018

Glittery Gargoyles.

There's been quite a bit of nothing going on here.  
Thrupp is very lovely but even more so is the countryside surrounding Thrupp.  We went for a walk on bikes.  Its a odd thing that whenever you have a bike with you the stiles are numerous and awkward, but when you solely walk, they aren't any.

Eventually are David being the muscleman and heaving the bikes over, we arrived at Hampton Gay    HERE    Its a wee hamlet today made up of not much more than a bunch of cottages around a former Manor House, but in 1874 there was a very serious train crash hereabouts on the London line and Hampton Gay was in all the papers.
Its strange to get to a village over three fields, but I suppose thats how it used to be for us country folk....

Far too handsome to be called a gargoyle, but he is on the wee church here.  I hate it when churches are locked.

Sorry about the glare of the brilliant sunshine

Eventually we ended up cycling on a road and the cycle route at Kidlington took us through this field being baled for hay.  Now I know its hard to see but believe me when I say there were SEVEN Red Kites flying and aswooping, although they are graceful and smooth flyers, they are also extremely hard to get a shot of.

Three in this shot.

two in this.

Home again and straight to Annie's Tea Rooms, the place we love to be...

But this is solely for David Lewis, a man who loves a bit of sawdust.

Supper was salmon on a bed of puy lentils, sundried tomatoes and black olives.


  1. What are 'sundered' tomatoes Lisa?

  2. Thank you Carol, spellcheck strikes again

  3. Love to see those red kites a few here in Somerset but not seen them, plan to make a trip to wales or the chillterns to see them.