Friday 1 June 2018

Fluffy ears and Sweet Cheeks.

Time to go home.  Reader you might wonder why we to and fro so much but David (Remember he is only semi retired!) farmed with his brother and when his brother wants a holiday we go home, plus of course to see my lovely mum.

So this time we had a mooring booked in Enslow Marina, a quick hop skip and jump from here, but it was very grey.  
I had better go pack up which I have to say I am  getting much quicker at these days.

The rain stopped and dreariness took over but its pretty lovely through this section.

Look very carefully..... see it?  Or should I say them.....?

Well yes I know its small but the camera was switched off and when she heard me she hunkered down again.  

David Lewis, who is my resident Deer Spotter and identifier can you please ....?

So sweet cheeks Lewis says he thinks its a Fallow Deer baby.

See?  Magnifying glass might help.

No sun but doesn't your heart just sing with this sort of thing? 

Last gateway this round.... Nice crop of hay here.

So that's all for now folks for now.  We'll not be long just a few days as I've been busy shopping all week and not written up this post.   I had three mats to bring home and scrub, have I done it?  Have I heck, I'll probably bring them back to the boat again still dirty.


  1. Ahhh I passed your boat last Saturday at Enslow. I was beginning to think you ha sold it. Which way you headed when finally set off again.

    1. SOLD THE BOAT??????
      Long time no see. Good to see you yesterday, you are looking very well we both thought after your injury with your hand etc.
      We hope to see you either further up or further down. Send felicitations to Bones from us too,

      Lisa & David

  2. Catching up from here not been keeping up! Lovely photos Lisa and yes your heart does sing with views like that.