Saturday, 22 October 2016

The sunshine after the rain.....

So this morning was a lovely bonus after last evening rain, 

I mean just look;

The view of Braunston bottom lock from Dark Lane.

I left David with WaL to water up and meet me at the bottom lock.  I went up to the village shop, they of course didn't have what I wanted so I walked along to Dark Lane the lane that leads you to down to the Chandlers at Braunston bottom lock.  They of course didn't have what I wanted so, after checking from the bridge I saw David and WaL approaching the lock I chatted to a very nice man who was the volunteer here today, after checking to make sure no boats were coming down the flight,  I borrowed his windlass to empty the lock.  

The man was sat on a bench in full sunshine.  He did tell me that last year here at Braunston, there had been enough volunteers to man the flight with two people each day.  But these people had drifted away and the numbers of volunteers had plummeted.  He felt that this was due in part to non contact from CART.  He told me that on arrival the volunteers phone to Foxton Locks, report that they have arrived, at the end of the day, they call Foxton and report their departure.  That is the beginning and end of any contact with CART.  I think this is a great pity.  

My own 86 year old mother is a volunteer at our local hospital, the hospital contacts them all regularly by letter and personal visits for feedback, there is an annual Volunteer Week across the Trust, drawing attention for appreciation of all of them plus they hold several receptions through the year for the volunteers to meet each other and be thanked in person by the Head of the Trust.

Going back to Braunston and our locking volunteers I do always make a point of thanking them personally for their efforts and tell them I appreciate them, do you?

So returning now to the first lock, I popped up to the bridge over the bottom lock to see where he was....  no sign only a blue boat entering!  Now I was a bit surprised but very pleased to see an unexpected boat to buddy-up with, now all we needed was WaL.....
It seems that David had cast off from the water point and heavens knows how had left the rope behind.... Now that has to be a first right?  He had put WaL onto the Disabled mooring spot on the centre line and hoofed it back to the WP to collect the rope, seen the blue boat, called to them to join him (Bet they thought him mad)   then having retrieved the rope proceeded.

By now another boat had arrived coming down the locks.....  
All was received in good nature I have to say, a senior moment no doubt David?  Next time he'll forget the boat!

The Crooked House but in recent years its been "Straightened" so now it just a wee house. 

NB Puddleduck that we joined with today.  This is Liz who made lovely company today, Thank you!  They were on the way down the GU and towards the river Lee.

We carried on to Norton Junction where all the moorings had been nabbed.  So we carried on and popped ourselves under some trees.  Had a quick lunch and started some jobs, well continued some jobs.

We have had a white film over the back end of WaL, BAR KEEPERS FRIEND was suggested and worked brilliantly.

We had considered having the stern  repainted with the blacking last winter but don't need to now. 

My job, taping then varnishing the front wooden frame

The other side being polished.

We started off then a shower came over and soaked everything, had a tea break then started again.  Another shower came over and rain stopped play and we packed up.  Then the sun came out again....
But no, I had had enough in and outs.

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