Saturday, 6 September 2014

John Lewis and Vikings

So here we are again, packed ready to return to WaL.  I had very much enjoyed the long weekend at home, when David had mentioned to a chap at a lock that we were going home for a long weekend the man laughed and said most people have a long weekend on their boats.
David got up early to empty the fridges and wash out the fridges (Reader there are two people living at our house and we have three fridges) he made divine egg sandwiches, loaded the car and brought me tea in bed.  I followed the rules that all guests have to adhere to that is to shower and wash their hair prior to arriving on to the boat.
In the car and driving off only 25 mins after David had said was the very latest time permissible.....
A pretty good journey really, I always drive Reader, I scream a fair bit when David drives so it was felt better to preserve life if I drive.  Not only preventing my own murder but avoiding motorway pile ups too.  
As it was driving it seemed a great idea to pop into here as we passed by....

Always a pleasure in here.

We found the boat without too much trouble which is always a bonus.  David departed almost at once to remove the car to a more safer location, I had unloaded just over the brow of a humped back bridge, nicely where the road narrows.
So I made tea and picked blackberries till he arrived back.  Then at just after 1pm we moved off.  We did three locks and took a couple of hours to do so.  At Park Gate Bridge where there is a branch of 'Midland Swindlers' there were two elderly gentlemen sat on a bench watching as I jumped off WaL, as I passed them and greeted them, one said  "You looked like a Viking princess leaping off then"  David has been calling me that ever since but I like the Viking bit best, it does have a ring to it don't you think?

  It was lovely cruising  the sun was mostly shining, the birds were singing and I had been promised supper in the town I love Penkridge.  
Now unbelievably I have read on blogs that there are people in this world who do not see Penkridge's qualities.  Last autumn we spent a couple of days here and I loved it.  I adore the fact that at the bakers in the village centre on a Saturday morning there was a queue of people out of the door and down the street.  I love the fact that in my efforts to have my boat hair dealt with three out of the four hairdressers on the High St were fully booked.  These are reasons alone to retire to here.
But tonight David had offered me supper at The Littleton Arms, a coaching in built in 1793 on the main artery route between London and the north.  When we were here last year we ate at The Star pub, which was rammed full with drinkers, but I was looking forward to tonight.
A good menu but we decided to have Steaks as it was two and a bottle of wine on the offer on a Wednesday eve. David asked the waitress if there was a choice of wine and she said "Yes, red or white!" 
The meal was Fab, not cheap but Fab.
Unusually for me I couldn't tackle a dessert and  we brought the remainder of the wine home too.  A lovely Australian Merlot.
Two hours cruising and not making supper was exhausting and we had an early night.

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