Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sunny Sunday

A good early start leaving Wightwick, on Sunday and we were out into open farmland very quickly, in and out of trees with views across, all lovely.

The first one of these misty dawns so far this year. 

A lost opportunity, we used to have zillions of these churns now going for £50....

A place of interest was Bratch Locks, a series of three staircase locks.  We are pretty used to these as we regularly go up and down Watford and Foxton Locks.  I knew there was going to be a lock Keeper but I was surprised to find a "Proper" one, a seasonal but employed one.
There were instructions written up on a board which I read, walked away from and then went back and read them again....
The Lockie had seen us coming, set the critical bits and welcomed us in and then explained it.  Its the same but different to Foxton and Watford.  you fill the top one to go into, then go down to the middle one of the three, open those paddles so that the water from the top lock goes into the middle lock, got that.  Then you have to go ahead to empty the third one, so that when you open the paddles of the middle one you don't swamp the pavements, the bridge and the towpath below.

All nicely kept as is usually the case when there is a lock keeper.

Toll Booth

Middle of three then there was a big panic as this was the only rubbish point around.

I am really liking the names in these parts

How great to have this on your address.

I was so pleased to say hello the crew of NB Etoile du Nord, who are the first people that have said to me "I read your blog!", I am just so sorry that I forgot to ask your names, but I do hope to meet up again maybe nearer to your home!

NB Etoile du Nord

Pretty lovely pinks developing for autumn

See how lovely South Staffordshire is?

On round this hill then down into Swindon. 

Lunch was a roast that we had at Swindon, in The Green Man.  Home cooked food, very cheap nice beer and sunshine, what could be better?  We spent the rest of this sunny Sunday reading on chairs and dare I confess to nodding off!


  1. You were the first to utter those immortal words to us up on a the Macc a couple of years ago and look what happened !!! xx

  2. Indeed, look what happened!!

  3. We spent a pleasant evening moored at the top of Bratch Locks. It was a wonderfully peaceful place and the locks and toll house afforded lots of photo opportunities. Ahh. Happy days.