Tuesday 12 August 2014

Wet, Empty and Cold.

So then Big Bertha show us your worst.  Ooooo actually I didn’t mean that, how much longer is it going to last?

So the day dawned wet, grey and miserable looking.  We decided it would be a good day to go fetch the car.  Charming lady taxi driver arrived just as the heaviest of downpours arrived too.  We made a dash for it and jumped in.  David had thought that he might cycle it, he had thought that I may cycle with him, he said 23 miles which I could have done, but on a pleasant day maybe, today? No way.
At Debdale we were pleased to be invited into friends Mike and Gerry’s Boat NB Tubbs for coffee.  
Nice to see you both again!

This weekend is the 200th Anniversary of the opening of Foxton Locks, we thought we would go along to support the occasion as I consider this to be our stamping ground.  Oh what a sorry sight, limp bunting, a bedraggled poster, a lock keeper had instructed a boat through the penultimate lock then turned and hotfooted it back up the cafe at the top.  No other people in sight.  A sad sight.  
We left. 
David in full golfing wet weather gear, not a soul in sight, not us either for long...

Home to the boat and here I have sat writing up this weeks posts in the sure hope and firm conviction that there will be some 3G somewhere on this canal so I can actually post it for you Reader.

WaL third back on the left.  Inbetween showers at Stoke Golding.

Supper was pizza, salad and sweet potato wedges followed by homemade Panna cotta, a first time make for me, it won’t be the last though.

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