Friday 15 August 2014

That’s not far, go on JUMP!

Well still hurricane Bertha’s high winds with us today, but few boats were moving and the winds were a little less than yesterday.  David said it was fine so we did set off, nice and bendy this section, nice and reedy so if you meet someone on a bend, chances are you will end up in them.
 It was boiling when the sun peeped through, but chilly when the clouds raced across again.

A pretty run up to Sutton Wharf again, I was below decks doing a spot of housework… as we approached the wharf which was empty, however two boats were coming towards us and David didn’t want to hog the landing if they both wanted water, we didn’t need water,  but I did want to unload the smelly rubbish.  “So then lets be quick” he says, “Hurry up, Jump!”  
I’ll give him jump with a bin liner full including wine bottles… Well I stepped of ladylike and ran all the way but neither oncoming boat wanted to stop.

We umm’ed and arrr’ed about mooring up, as we approached Market Bosworth.  Last time 18 months ago we accidentally moored up on Long Term Permit Holders only, there were no signs as we approached from the south side and there were spaces, it was only when we left the following day that we went past the signs on the northern end and felt very bad.  This year with the building of the new marina right here we saw that these moorings are now all visitor moorings for 48hrs.  There also were three water points here but now currently only one so we pulled in to wait our turn on the rubber side entrance into the new marina.  I clung onto the middle rope and got chatting to two workmen the other side of the fence, it turns out that one of these chaps is the new manager of the marina and told me half the moorings are already sold, a side refuge pool is in the process of being built or filled so that the wildlife can “Escape” when they get fed up with boats.  A very nice chap who also said that local shops in the town are pleased with the boaters presence as they spend more in shops and pubs than the locals! HA!!

Later, after I had sneezed about 68 times I decided that I would not go with Darling to fetch the car, but instead stop home and have paracetamol and a nice cup of tea.  So he went for a short tour and then popped the car into a tidy spot, not annoying anyone… we hope.

Skinny thai green chicken curry made by David and I have to say it was far far nicer than any I have made previously.

Top marks sweetie.

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