Thursday 21 August 2014

Saturday chores

Critical situation had arisen.  My nails were in a shocking state and needed doing.  Hinckley was decided upon as I had had them done before there at Eden Nails.  It was a few miles away but only that.  As we left I was surprised to see the Muscovy duck still alive on the grass here.  It does not fly as its body is too heavy in this breed, and was just sat here on the grass last evening.  I felt totally sure that the local fox would have it by morning.  
I kept ducks myself years ago when my children were small and the last lot were taken by our fox at 3pm one Saturday afternoon as we watched TV foxes are that bold.  
The duck kinda quacked at David,  (Muscovy ducks do not actually quack) he told it to be quiet and it did!!

We cycled off to town through the lovely village of Stoke Golding.  A lovely ride in the sunny weather, beautiful country views then when the quiet lane opened out onto a busy trunk road a dear little cycle lane was provided.

Straight to Eden nails where they could offer me an appointment but not for 2.5 hours.  I took it and we went off to Tesco’s.  A quick game of Supermarket Sweep was played and then David fully loaded then wobbled off back to the boat.  He was going carry on bringing  the boat down the Ashby towards the southern side of Hinckley to pick me up as I was going to be delayed.
I instead stood outside Tesco’s on their public Wifi downloading about 37 podcasts.  I only stopped when the phone had 10% charge left.  
Every Little Helps eh?

Nails done by the delightful Tasha.  Bike loaded again with my third of the shopping, off I went to the rendezvous where upon Darling arrived shortly afterwards.
This is the sight that met him on his return to the boat.

Left a couple of calling cards too.

We carried on southwards to look for a nice mooring, in the countryside, protected from the high winds that are forecast for the next day.  David was content to stay put in a pretty situation because as you now know Reader Boaters hate high winds.

This was the closest I think I have been to one of these, we moored just past it and looked the other way over meadows towards a church.

Supper was the steak from last night with sweet potato wedges and salad. 

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