Thursday, 14 June 2018

Farewell my Lovely WaL

We arrived home today after a short flit back up to Enslow Mill Wharf to leave WaL safely.   We are home for a month now but that isn't completely true as we are going to France, boating, boating in a giant sized "Yoghurt Pot"  

I can hardly bring myself to admit it after all the micky taking I have been party to about Yog Pots.... But we all be together in one giant plastic boat, most likely in the rain.  I will endeavour to write up some of it for you on my return.  

So we are off at the very end of June and joining with our very own "Boat Sharers" plus two experienced bloggers    HERE    but oh what am I saying  Sarah now has moved onto to a new blog   HERE   and Lesley's blog  HERE   in fact on that first page of Yarwood's blog (NB Yarwood has since been sold)  you will see Sarah and Andy who came across The Wash with us all, have organised this trip!  
I do hope we all come back on speaking terms.

So back to this morning, we crept out of Thrupp after 8am, David had chatted to a passing chap yesterday and as we moved off this chap was ready to take our spot, such is the demand of moorings at Thrupp.

WaL just moving off

I operated the lift bridge here keeping just the one car waiting.

The charming Shipton-on-Cherwell church immediately above the canal.

David had followed Steve's example with his brand new boat all gleaming and unsullied book and wiped down the polished paintwork of WaL and washed the gunnels clean of the mud that gathers and then this morning with a small amount of irritation we saw that the white cloud up ahead wasn't smoke from a bonfire but dust from the very nearby gravel pit blowing over in the high winds. 

Annoyingly we had a light covering all over but these two moored boats were really covered in the stuff, as were the other moored at Enslow.

So that's all for now folks.

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