Monday, 8 September 2014

Unexpected beauty

I had one of those nice mornings today.  The type when David gets up early and then disappears for a good stretch, leaving me to read snug as a bug in my big warm bed.  He had gone off to do his fav chores newspaper and grocery buying, moving the car onwards and then returning, he had hoped that I would be up and dressed and I almost was too. 
No locks to do for a long stretch as we had reached the top pound yesterday afternoon at Gailey.  

I made tonights dinner, to let it sit and infuse all day.  Then I treated David to a batch of his fav flapjack, this is with apricots, walnuts, raisins cherries, citrus peel and a handful of broken up digestives.  This is another non Weight Watchers recipe Tim.

On a fair bit and I returned to the Bridge with Captain, (He gets lonely if left too long), David had been to three shops in Penkridge to get croissants but only one was available so we shared it with coffee and the last of the hand made Raspberry jam brought from the church in Stoke Golding and it was Fab. 

Soon we reached here.  Half way through a boat appeared but the Hirers skilfully nipped into a wee passing place and I am glad they did as we would not have fitted.  While they were there a crew member was picking Blackberries!

Some of it here cut into the rock.

Looks wide, but it wasn't.

This pretty thing landed and was polite enough to keep still while I took a photo of it.  Anyone know what it is?

This little bit reminded me of photos of The Canal du Midi, not that I have been there but our Friendly Boat Sharers have, not in WaL but on bikes. 

So keeping going and there was our junction to The Shropshire Union, but we had changed our minds carried on going.  This canal is just so very pretty. 

We have a family member who is an ex-pat from this part of the world, I text him (JOKINGLY) to say we were approaching the outskirts of Wolverhampton and should we be concerned...
He replied thus, that we should make ourselves as large as possible, make no sudden movements and distract any attack by launching pies at them.  
But Reader I have to say, in The Black Country the fishermen are from some sort of Happy Planet.  They smile, send friendly greetings and answer when asked if they have caught anything. Remarkable! 
The walkers are so friendly too, far more so than in other places.  The accent takes some listening too but what a great place. A Kingfisher flew past and buzzards calling above, hard to believe we are so near to a city.
Family member will get a thump.

Grade 2 Listed I think it said

Pretty sure not Listed 

Lookey lookey this remind me of the K&A for clear water

We did three locks, nice big deep ones with cute little bridges 

We moored up at Wightwick (This clearly should be pronounced White Wick but no its called Weetook).  David had spotted a place to visit for me tomorrow.
Supper was Lamb Goan Xacuti with coconut.

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  1. :) flapjack is another of my faves from my childhood, still have it now and again, very healthy, and makes up your five a day ha ha