Thursday, 11 September 2014

Swindon to Kinver

Well time to leave Swindon today.  David had returned to the boat with paper, milk and a smile from doing his "Hunter gatherer' bit.  
We cast off following a couple of boats who had moved off within the last fifteen minutes.  
The  run was again very beautiful, wooded sections with the sun filtering through then more open sections.
Here are a few pictures to try and show the beauty of it all;

An Aquaduct

The other side of the aqueduct 
This lower section of this canal is bendy, very bendy.  Then the sandstone is apparent.

Love these steps

Dunsley Tunnel, just a wee one cut into the rock

This sweet place had been extended along the canal then..... 

Look at what happen next!
Past that lock and a long line of CART moored boats all in tall trees, a bit dark.
Then it all opens up again, the canal curves around this cute hill and one more lock down into...

Lock above Kinver

Glorious Kinver
Skinny supper was Red Thai Curry for a complete change!

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