Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bank Holiday Blues

The bank holiday dawned wet, widely predicted and this time accurately.  

Tea wallah appeared as did Kirsty into my bed.  There we remained for the next three hours, reading great books.  Me on book three of the Poldarks by Winston Graham.  Lady Readers did you know that the series starring the LOVELY Robin Ellis of the 1970's in being remade?  So I am reading the books in advance.  (Our youngest daughter was named after one of the characters). 

Us, snuggling.

So in bed we stayed till about 11:30am, then we both did get up, dressed and relocated to the cratch to carry on reading.  
Lunch was served, eventually, and then the saddest thing, taking beloved back to the train station.  After the debacle of my sister's journey home 
(6.5 hours instead of 2.5 hours by train) as the engineering works are still ongoing we drove her to the east line instead of the west line, the west line here is about 7 mins away and she could have run it!!  We drove her to Loughborough 90 mins away.  It always seems so mad to get into a car and do 70mph after wafting down canals.  
Big hugs and she was gone. 
Home again but via Lidl to get this

Best chocolate I have found outside Belgium.

The next day we set off, and went about half a mile.  David fetched the car, quick lunch, throw the dirty washing into bags, load up ourselves like donkeys to get to the car and away home.  Time to check up on house, garden and the other children. 
It was my mothers birthday too, this is the cake I made her.

David walked in at that moment, walked over as I scooped it all up with a fish slice and said "Tastes delicious".


  1. Lisa I have just finished reading the whole series of Poldark books, again, and have loved them, again. I remember finding Robin Ellis, the actor that played Ross in the 1970's series, so very attractive and I am looking forward to the new series immensely!
    X Lesley

  2. I haven't read them before but am very much enjoying them.