Sunday, 10 August 2014

Good God, did you see that....?

So a glorious blue sunny skies, we watered up, Melanie “Trainered-up” and we watched David negotiate the ‘U-Turn’ that is Hawksbury Junction, I had the camera ready waiting for the crunch but there were none.  

Let the marathon begin... well, amble in the warm sun.

Not many pretties around but this one is new on me.

Melanie adhered to her strict Keep Fit regime by route marching/jogging (I joined in too) for half an hour while WaL followed on.  Eventually we got back onboard and enjoyed the sun.  I am very conscious that the rest of the summer will slip away from us and in the blink of an eye and before you know it there will be christmas cards in the shops.  So I take every opportunity to enjoy it now.

It was nice to show our guest the local landmarks…..

This is actually a "Boat yard" Reader if you haven't been here before.

This boat is filled with precious belongings.

That thud you  heard was my sister's jaw hitting the deck.

All still going well here with no sign of any intervention from the local Environmental Health Agency. 

The 90 degree angled turn onto The Ashby Canal was not without its trials.  A boat coming towards us waved us forward he then proceeded to come forward into WaL’s required turning space making not one bump but two and a fair bit of swearing.  Well that was David’s story…. I have to defend his below par driving by reminding you Reader that last year he made the turn perfectly in one manoeuvre, but that was last year and not this.

Not one but two smackerooneys..... don't let him know I told you.

Still, we decided to leave him to his TMS (Test Match Special) and we girls went to the front and relaxed.

We moored up just north of Hinckley, on a stretch of armco…..
“What are we stopping here?”  says my perplexed sister,
“Out here in the middle of nowhere?”
“With no pubs or anything?”
“Yes” says I, as we really like being in the middle of nowhere….

Very rich mushroom and stilton risotto for supper, we calmed her nerves with a bottle of rather a good red.

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