Monday, 25 August 2014

Locking nut.

So up early today as The Fine Company was expected.  We pulled the pins at about 8am and set off through the last of the pretty Ashby Canals bends and meadows.  We knew from when we had arrived well over a week ago that CART were dredging in the narrow wooded section, there had been a sort of traffic light system in operation there, as we approached there was a sign saying sorry about the delays, please wait till you are signalled through and allow for I think up to an hour delay.  So we were not that worried as its a case of “What will be will be”.  It turned out not to be too bad a wait at all, with only the fact that with nowhere to go when a fully laden work barge is coming at you forcing you onto the yet to be dredged bank getting stuck good and proper the only problem.  Easy, hardly any bad language at all.

This load is actually being unloaded

Unloaded up to here then into unseen dumpers

This was coming towards us then here he started to fasten it more tightly to his "Pusher-along" tuggy thing

We are on the bank but not wanting to get close to him.

 We could measure somewhat that in the 8/9 days since we had passed such a small area had been completed, with the hire of such a lot of expensive machinery and men you can see why dredging is not widespread with CART so strapped for cash.  
Pity really.

After the bang crash wallop bang entry onto the Ashby, David did a faultless turn northwards onto the Coventry Canal today. 
Unusual placing of this conservatory I wondered.

Its a bit deadly dull here through the dreaded Nuneaton but incident free today with no floating sofas to be seen.  I was trying to clean and tidy before “My Cleaner” arrived later on.  

We had thought that with the Atherstone Locks to do later today it would be a good time to invite The Boat Sharers to visit.  Well on this occasion only one, Amanda.
We knew she had a bunch of unshirkable jobs to do first, so time was on our side.  So with a nice run up towards Atherstone, sometimes in the sun too.  The Coventry Canal is like a major trunk road after the quietness of the Ashby but even this seemed quiet with only a few boats passing, Where is everyone?
Amanda was going to be delayed so we filled up with water at Hartshill the beautiful old wharf there and then moored up the other side of the bridge, in full sunshine overlooking hills and woods.  Lovely.
Hartshill Wharf

I wish there were some information boards here maybe with old photos of its working days.

 She was going to still be a while so we cleared off to have a snoop all around here but particularly to a view point above Hartshill.  When we got there the info board says that no less than 40 church spires can be seen from here, well I didn’t have my binocs but we counted 3.  I think a bit of tree felling would be a good plan.

How many spires can you see Reader?
The good thing about viewpoints is that although a slog up they are up but going back to the boat was almost freewheeling the entire way.  When Hartshill wee pretty bridge came into sight there was Amanda stood on it, she had spotted the boat and now was looking for a parking space.
Locking nut Amanda has come to visit.
Tea was served, luggage was stowed (Masses of it), much yack-king  and while I cooked a skinny supper of Thai green chicken curry (Davids new favourite),  the two of them went out blackberrying, came back with masses. 
Just need some bramleys now.

Early night was had by all to get to Atherstone slightly after dawn tomorrow to beat the crowds, the crowds that is that don’t seem to be anywhere.


  1. Locking Nut!!! Are you referring to me?

    1. Certainly. Its a term of deep affection.
      Only sorry you only did 11 locks not your customary 40 odd.