Thursday, 14 August 2014

Dates cakes and feel the love.

Over the weekend somewhere in the papers was an article about how to keep happy in a long term relationship…  David read it and passed it onto me, I read it and decided that I quite liked what it recommended;
*Three romantic “Date” nights out a month.
*Visiting new places together.
*Talking to each other.
*Being spontaneous. 
*Five hugs a day and five “I love you” a day.
*Most importantly an “I love you” last thing at night.

(There were one or two more, but there are other websites more appropriate)

Now all in all, I really like the first one and this boating malarky takes care of number two, Talking, well yes we do that however sometimes the tone slips to a more shouty kind of talk, but I am going work on that.  So today Truest Darling Angel Love thought it would be nice to go out on a romantic coffee date.  Now I have great coffee on the boat and I mostly keep cake on the boat too, but I wash’t going to say no now was I?
Bikes out, off we go, to the centre of Market Boswell. First place, a hotel type place did not say coffee, but afternoon tea, second was shut and the last one we tried had coffee and hot chocolate for me but can you believe it no cakes delivered that morning from their bakers…  
Anyway, it was a jolly nice thought darling and I am looking forward to the next one.

Back to the boat and we moved on, we wanted to get out into the countryside again and on The Ashby its not far to go to get away, in fact we went all of two miles to a lovely bit of straight armco with only one other boat way over there near to Congerstone. David fetches the car, not too far to go and sat in the warm sun in the cratch, well it would be warm if the sun stayed out long enough.

In the evening while I write David created this amazing tasty, colourful supper which I just had to share with you.

So we have roasted beetroot with goats cheese, sweet potato, crispy bacon and avocado salad. Divine.

PS We are not quite getting in the full quotas of love you and hugs but will continue to work on it.

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