Monday, 25 August 2014

Car key and vintage roulette

In the morning at Hopwas there was a fair amount of disorganisation going on.  Reader I should tell you David really hates this game that we tend to play.  He refers to it as “A load of headless chickens running around getting nothing done”  whilst I like to consider myself as a more chilled, relaxed and spontaneously individual without bothersome  deadlines…. 

So Amanda had brought with her to the boat her new acquisition, a Brompton folding bike!!  
Not that earth shattering you may think but in the past our self styled “Boat Sharers” have rained down on our Bromptons all kinds of sniffy remarks and derogatory comments, mostly pertaining to the size of wheels and them not being mountain bikes.   But what did we find in our absence that they had entered into a Brompton Race Challenge with NB Yarwood last year, I only found out when reading about it on Yarwoods blog. 
 The nerve of those Sharers.  
Anyway back to this morning, there is a Sainsburys nearish to get  bramleys and we all wanted to have a bike ride after last nights blow out meal, then David wanted a paper and more new maps of course.  As we approached Sainsburys after a circular ride, there was a Toyota Dealership. HURRAH!!!  Reader we have a wonderful Toyota that is so reliable and never has all the problems that those ghastly BMW’s have (See previous posts on Boat Sharers wheels) but on the last drive a message appeared on screen saying the ignition key battery was low.  Now Reader in all boating trips previously I have brought away with me both sets of car keys but this trip David only brought the one.  So I have been somewhat tortured by this enforced game of car key roulette, just waiting for it to be flat.  David is the type of menace that when you are driving home late and the car is almost out of petrol he says  “Oh there’s plenty to get us home” 
(I hate the drip drip anxiety)  but the next morning nothing in the tank to get me to the garage, a side issue, but that’s him, in fact one time I made him go to the garage the next morning to fill up and he ran out.  Reader I didn’t laugh at all…
 Lets do the keys I yell as I whizz across the forecourt.  Charming staff as always in a Toyota garage, yes they can do it, can I have the keys please sir?  Err nope they are on the boat.  Ok decision time, Sains, boat to collect keys, WH Smiths to get maps and Oh there’s a next too, urgent I go there too…. 

Aren't they FAB?

Well after spending most of the morning up and down to boat and Tamworth it was decided that we would stick together and do all.  As we left the Retail Park at what did I see but the wondrous sight to fill every woman’s heart with joy…. A John Lewis Home Store but I was refused permission to enter. sob sob, something about having to go boating huh.

Later, oh so much later we pulled the pins and had a leisurely run up towards Fradley.  There were lots of splendid vintage boats coming towards us, later the penny dropped and we realised that there is a gathering at Alvecote this weekend.  

They all looked WONDERFUL and sounded even better.  However as you meet them coming towards you it is slightly discombobulating as they just come straight at you, they take no prisoners and simply barge through.  No puns intended.

Athletic captain of this Beauty.

These moored at Alvecote

A peep into a back cabin.

These two at Streethay Wharf

A few at Alvecote

 Now it has been explained to me that they need the deeper water of the centre of the canal however, they often have no front buttons and some are high in the water, somewhat off putting…. a less charitable person than I said “They think they own the bloody canal”  it was also suggested that many vintage owners hate loathe and detest The Shiny Boat Brigade, can’t be true surely?

We moored up at Fradley actually south of the village and as David had his daily nap Amanda and I played the car swapping game and managed to secrete both cars close by and out of everyones way.  

Oh yes she had one too.
On the car journey over two counties we came across an out of town sale outlet too and promised ourselves a visit the following day.  David won’t mind a jot, as I will simply tell him its a garden centre and take his kindle in my bag.

Supper was a good ‘un.  That puff pastry tart with red onion chutney, goats cheese, fresh figs and capers serves with salad and a New Zealand sauvignon blanc.  Food of the gods (and drink too).

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