Friday 7 June 2024

The Buckby Locks ordeal turned out to be an absolute pleasure.

Well you can see the weather we arrived back to Braunston in.  Glorious sunshine.
Such a change a day or so makes.  We heaved the bags along to the car and a wee bit of food shopping and blimey the car felt much further away.
Straight off the moorings as we were close to the 48 hours expiry time.
Watered up and off we go.

Leaving the water and rubbish point.

This canal shop is still going.  I said to the man I was glad he was still going and he said not for much longer.... I'm 87 you know, I think we will sell it soon.  So does anyone want to buy a shop?

Now Reader you know how I love and appreciate Volunteer Lockies, well this one was rather bossy with the complete Newbies we shared with and YELLED at me from across the lock to change my windlass to the shorter option.  Reader I complied but I'm complaining to you now!

Lord Nelson Pub.

And the last lock with this lovely family who had never done a lock before these at Braunston, two dogs, two very small children, two grandparents, two daughters and on son-in-law all really enjoying themselves.

Into Braunston tunnel.  

Pretty blues along the way.

We had in mind to moor up just before Norton Junction and got in on one of the last spaces.  Very popular place for boats that hardly move.

After a restful afternoon the next day we walked to Welford village just over the hill enjoying a drink in the comfortable garden watching all the while the gathering clouds...  
The weather forecast said heavy rain at 4pm so we calculated we could have their roast and scuttle away to be back on WaL staying dry and we just managed it but by golly it rained hard for a while.

The next morning I was dreading a bit, my back was still causing discomfort, but the plan had been to go down the Buckby Flight renown for being as heavy as hell and bad for crews with back ache.
But I figured that if we did the locks alone then I would helm but if we did with another boat I would crew and it would be easier as there were two of us.

Setting off from Norton Junction moorings on the GU

Oops out of sequence, these shots walking on the lane filled with wildflowers, butterflies and chirping birds in the hedgerow.

Such a pretty gateway.

This house had mowed the outside verge and "Claimed" it, sorry Reader but I couldn't resist....

Pretty pretty winding lane to Welford village and delightful pub.

The view walking to Welford village towards Daventry.

I walked to the locks and here's WaL passing the Leicester Arm by and heading for the locks

We teamed up with Angela and Avewren a Welsh speaking couple on NB Damsel, at first I wondered if they were Eastern European, but then there English, spoken and then I was convinced they were from Newcastle!  We seemingly flew down the locks meeting a good few boats coming up.

Angela was a great help plus we had a good laugh all the way down,  it's funny how you can make a connection quickly with complete strangers.

Two hours later saw us moored up racing against the oncoming grey clouds and strong wind just picking up again, we got in at a most attractive place called Weeden Bec, lovely open views all set for tomorrow's rain all morning forecast.  
Minutes later a cloud burst.

Our mooring tonight.


We played Sh*t Head again and I was no better dammit!

Supper was Halloumi cheese, egg and avocado salad. 

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