Saturday 8 June 2024

Rain is no fun, but new friends are.

The morning was grey and the forecast was rain in the morning clearing and a dry afternoon.

So we sat, I had my knitting to do which is so absorbing once you make a start,  oh I'll just do one more row sort of thing, blogging and oh I have a great new book so it's a busy time being moored up.

Well it was wet and not just light rain but heavy and unrelenting rain.

There was a hooting and a figure in head to foot wet weather gear waving... as the figure got nearer the penny dropped and I saw that it was Adam Porter on NB Briar Rose, I felt sorry for him in this awful rain, but he greeted us cheerily despite it.
A few words exchanged then on he went.

Much later when it had stopped we pulled the pins and went on our way.  Since making this detour there had been some pouring over the guide books and head scratching as to how much time we have left with the other places and people we wanted to see.  We agreed that we definitely move today although a gorgeous spot, wind the boat (Turn around) and retrace our steps.  
So onward to Gayton Junction, service the boat, wind and return.  On the way we passed by NB Briar Rose again who were at the most attractive marina Heyford Fields where they were having their boat fixed after a minor problem.  Soon after unexpectedly it started to rain again, so in turn we donned the full wet weather gear, grinning and bearing it.
It was miserable.  We serviced the boat at Gayton Junction, no other boats moving at all, who could blame them?

We passed by this, NB Enceladus, formally own by Blogger Sarah who is also our Commander in a fortnight when we all rendezvous in south west France and board a floating bathtub aka a Le Boat.  

No photos of this miserable stretch due to the rain but then after a short run there was a stretch of long straight armco and I said oh god lets just stop and get warm... A hatch opened on the other boat moored there and Adam popped his head out to invite us in for tea and bikkies, Oh Yes Please.

So it was a delightful end to the day.  We have never met Adam and Adrian in person although almost all our boating friends have.

We had a lovely late afternoon and enjoyed their generous hospitality.

Left to right Lisa half head who is rubbish at selfies, David, Adam and Adrian, all dressed in CART uniforms

It finally had stopped raining and a lovely evening sky.

Supper was cheese on toast with coleslaw.

P.S.   Debby if you see this, we passed by her at Norton Junction and meant to have posted earlier.  
It was yours wasn't it?  She was looking fabulous and well loved but I bet you sold her looking fab.

P.P.S New book is Whalebone Theatre by Joanna Quinn


  1. Hi Lisa, yes, she was ours! Ross and Amanda keep in touch. They had a repaint at Rose Narrowboats end of last year, but sadly although it looks good it has started peeling and it turns out there was a problem with the undercoat so it all must be done again! They went to Crick I think. And they also got a pram cover made which we never got around to doing, well done them. They are mostly living aboard. Thanks for the update!

  2. Lovely to see A&A's lovely smiling faces along with David and Li.., the half headed one. Your selfies are usually very good, so I blame the guys!

    I usually didn't mind cruising in the rain, as long as I had good wet weather gear on - which included hi-vis trousers from Screwfix. My David used to keep me supplied with hot mugs of tea - I'd toot the horn to let him know I was in need...