Wednesday 15 May 2024

A gorgeously hot spring day, a welcome change.

So we left Rugeley at a reasonable time and made our way south.  I didn't see much of Rugeley as I was still unpacking and organising, but David had already planted the car ahead.

He is trying to get into the habit of sending me a location of where the car is, for as I've said to him, if he is knocked off his bike, I won't know where he is or where the car is.  Today he sent me a location of Oxford city centre, now he's pretty good on his bike but I hoped that he hadn't really made it to Oxford, and so it proved.  
He is going to need a wee bit more practice on locations.

Just next to Kings Bromley Marina, north of Fradley, on the T&M canal.

These were a bit of a surprise, firstly to be able to see them as the undergrowth has been cleared away but also what is the development of them going to be..

We were aiming to moor up in the vicinity of Fradley.  With the demise of HS2 (Train line to any overseas readers, a highly controversial new line that was over due and trillions overspent from London to the wild and wooly north.  Post covid and with more and more people working from home, plus the country is broke the project was cancelled in 2023).  But prior to the cancellation, the area around Fradley Junction has been carved up not least but the bulldozing of many mature trees.  

We were curious to see how the area had been left, even if it has been left.  I think I'm correct in saying that it is going to run to Lichfield (Very close to Fradley) and not beyond.
Time will tell.

One of our favourite moorings is immediately above Wood End Lock.  This lock has a charming early victorian cottage,      Wood End Cottage, that was surrounded on one side by said mature woodland,  but last time we came through was surrounded cleared woodland and mud with pencil sized trees planted in tubes.  

With much anticipation we rounded the last bend and oh the joy to see one boat on the mooring, this appeared unoccupied so we moored up quickly.

So as to the pencilled sized trees, they've grown.  Now David knows a thing or two about growing stuff and he says they are far too close together.  But I'm sure the team from HS2 will be out walking the big area with their secateurs so that's alright then.

We got the bikes out and peddled off to the pub in Fradley, it's called The Swan, but know to all the boaters as The Mucky Duck.  We were lucky enough to get a table outside with cyclists, families, Boaters, dog walkers and god almighty 
what ever is that noise?????

A crowd of about 30 Motorbikers arrived, revving and revving to make sure all heads were turned to watch them and my god the fumes made my eyes water and me to cough.  
All in black leathers, skulls all over the place and many many tattoos.  Most of them were older than David and that's saying something.
The majority drank pints of Coca-Cola, then later they left quite literally in clouds of smoke.  

But you could hear the engines for miles afterwards and they raced around the area.  
I think it said that Wednesday was "Bikers Night" so you might want to put that in your diary.  

Todays 'Pretties' I spotted all the way along to the pub, about a mile, the sun was shining and everything was fabulous.

I call this Campion.

No idea but pretty.

One of the joyful sights of Boating, no not Bikers but the yellow Flag Irises at this time of year.

So here we are, curiously they left scattered trunks of trees, some with nesting boxes.

WaL looking pale, but Reader this is the good side, the other side is pink!

Pretty close together....

On the other side of WaL, looks to be a maize field planted and a Heron. 

Twilight and the handful of taller trees remaining. 

So this was a Sunday, so we didn't any HS2 workmen at all.

Very late lunch was fish and chips for both of us and a high standard it was too.




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