Monday 20 September 2021

Nearly ready to go.... oh no I'm not quite.

 So cruising started in earnest today, we were moored up just north of Weston, but oh my, the sun was shining, it just seemed too good an opportunity to miss, so we went for it.  David, in enquiring tones asked if I was okay to cruise today, I was as we were only going about thirty minutes northwards to Sandon.  A booking was made and a good thing too as there were only two slots available at The Dog and Doublet.  
We moored up in a sunny gap in the trees suitable for a longer afternoons sun on the solar panels and in the smart clothes I had especially brought for such a purpose.  In the event we sat in the courtyard instead of the dining room and yes we really enjoyed it.

For a short time we pretended we were in Italy.

 So the three courses took up most of the afternoon and we retired to WaL for coffee and petit fours other wise known as chocolate.
No supper was required, but lunch was walnut pate, herby crust chicken with creamy leeks and spinach, I hate spinach but this was delicious, cheesecake, lemon ice-cream and blackcurrant sauce.

Proper proper boat will start tomorrow.

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