Thursday 1 October 2020

A pump out, phew.

 The next bright and sunny morning was just as windy, we hurried along to Aston Marina with the dangerously full poo tank and our legs crossed.... Small queue at Aston Lock, it empties quickly and fills slowly due in part to the leaks.

So as we got to the marina entrance, David saw that there isn't any rubber lining the concrete, can I just remind you Reader that we had painted the gunwales, well to get in, with a fierce cross wind and no rubber protectors, David whacked on the gas and we rocketed in with professional use of the bow thrusters.    He also managed to avoid the wooden jetty which is at an angle luckily without any moored boats on it.  
David was confident that as the wind was behind us as we were lining up to the landing that he could do it.  Now this landing had tyres along it but its crazily short.  I jumped off with the centre line as David kept the bow thrusters going while I fumbled with the TINY rings, I wrapped it through twice but then there is nothing to secure the rope to of a 70' narrow boat with the wind trying to take her back end off again.
Small panic.  
It reminded me of the bad day last year, when we were on the wide beam mooring up at Sonning, with the wind against the boat, David helming and little me given the task of holding her while D hammered in the stake.... On that occasion two passing Boaters helped me as did an unexpected and sudden change in the wind direction...

I could not secure the front rope as WaL had overshot the TINY jetty.  Two huge bollards at the back so David tied her there and came to help me.  He tied the excess rope to a section of railings.
The very nice lady came down to us bringing a token for the pumpout, how sweet of her.  David asked her who had designed such a crazy pumpout
"Who's to blame you mean?" she replied laughing, Not me!

Well not only is it a SELF pumpout but its also the most expensive to at £20, no blue and DIY, the most expensive that we have previously had was £18 we think, with £3 for water which he then fished out the canal with a watering can (how we laughed) but this was not DIY.
Unless you know better Reader?

Well after that we jollied along the canal to a pretty spot, me in a winters hat, just past a bridge to help our visitors tomorrow.

We thought that after doing another coat of oiling on the doors and himself having another bash at polishing we'd go to the pub for an aperitif. 
We set off via the bridge just behind us only to be informed by a friendly resident that this path was closed by the council due to a landslip into the stream with it follows.  
We'd have to move the boat for the visitors later.

The view over the river valley as we walked to the pub at Burston.

The pub was rated somewhere David read.  HERE  and I am pleased to report that not only the menu looked good but the staff masked and efficient, a very comfortable pub and that when we do not have a fridge full of M&S treats we will return to.

Supper was Tasty Treats, followed by chocolate and cherry mousse.

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