Friday 28 July 2017

Catch up part 2

Yes sorry its been a while.  But frankly we were just having too much fun with two daughters visiting separately and all associated fun that entails.  

But I thought for my own memories I had better put the very best of the over two hundred photos I took over the trip, and do it at home to save the data haemorrhage too.  Don't be fearful, nothing like two hundred here.

So here they are of our run up to Stoke from Great Haywood.

OK not actually on the run up to Stoke, but this is my handsome godson Max at the wedding of his brother in July, bad shadow due to wonderful sunshine, rookie error by his father David Lewis.

Wow what great weather that afternoon

I love the olive greens and the golden golds at this time of year.

Winding and quiet, doesn't look like the busy canal it is at times.

Interesting shaped tree, is it a cross?

Weston Hall, 15th century manor house, now a wedding and corporate venue.  Food looks great as do the luxury rooms.... heavy hints have been dropped.

Super interesting bridge build with stone and bricks.

Sandon lock, I just love the brick work designs here and the centuries worn steps up to the lock.

More olive greens and golds.  Can you feel the warm sun on your skin?

Belted Galloway fairly interested in us.

Hanging on for dear life, I wasn't sure that she was enjoying herself that much.

Exactly halfway there.

Horse tunnel built at Stone Lock.  I love these.

Today a museum, but due to our having to leave in a hurry (More later) I didn't get to visit this time, but I have plans to return and spend time going to several museums.

I am sorry to say I can't remember if I took this on the run into Stone or Stoke, but about 14 years ago, we did a hire boat holiday from Festival Park for a week and as we entered and left Stoke these famous Bottle Kilns were seemingly everywhere.  Not so today.

I presume these two have a preservation order on them, or are "Graded" however just look at the state of these precious remnants of the industrial past of The Potteries. 

 If you open this link there is an image of how The Potteries looked.   HERE

So Reader I will endeavour to write more later on the trip this afternoon as it's pouring outside and I have my Aqua Aerobics class to go to, but for now.....


  1. Those bottle kilns are in Stoke, in one of the longer pounds up the locks.

    1. Thank you Adam, I just couldn't remember sat at home without the guide books. I always genuinely welcome prompts/spellings and corrections,