Wednesday 19 July 2017

Catch up part 1.

Greetings Reader.....

We have been back on the boat now for over a 
week now, however, we have been plagued by 
Firstly data problems and secondly laptop 
problems  resulting in the bloody thing 
constantly closing down Chrome each time I 
opened it and thirdly my camera ceased to 
function this week.
Not at all annoying.   

I have this year changed from an ancient 
Apple laptop, to a brand new shiny PC, which at 
times I would have happily thrown out of the 
window.  Lets say no more about it except that 
at the time of writing this we are still using 2G a 
day of data and EE and Curry's plus two 
son-in-laws and  Ken from NB Cleddau have 
failed to solve.  This is even with the laptop 
thing switched off and our phones on 4G.

Any suggestions welcome.

But going back to our recent trip.    
So ages ago it seems we picked up WaL from
Great Hayward after our trip home.  

We had had a fine old time, David played golf, 
winning some competition too which he was 
pleased about.  I didn't play golf but had a 
great time in the HOT HOT sun we all enjoyed 
in June, it even involved us swimming in the sea, 
something which does not occur each year.

The Boat Sharers (Amanda and David Lewis) 
had the boat in our absence, they did some 
huge ring in a week which would have taken 
David and I about a month, but they love that 
sort of thing.  A Reader did spot them, 
Hello sir if that was you.

We had a nice 24 hours with them, then work 
forced a departure and after a flit to the 
Farm Shop here to fill up on cheeses, we 
left and headed north.

Five years ago when WaL was launched, 
we went up to Bugsworth Basin, but we had 
no memory of the Trent and Mersey Canal, so 
this was to be a bit of a treat. 

Its totally beautiful just minutes out of 
Great Hayward, hardly any traffic and 
peaceful as a very peaceful place.

The first night we aimed for Sandon.  Last year 
we met John and Louise from
NB Plodding Along, we had nipped over in 
the car form The Shropshire Union canal and 
from The Anchor pub, you know the one, 
untouched since Victorian times.  Anyway we 
had really enjoyed the Dog and Doublet at 
Sandon and I would heartily recommend it.

The next day we stopped at Stone.  We took 
time and fannied about to get good TV reception 
as Andy Murray was playing in the quarter finals, 
ummmmm, afterwards we walked to Co-Op to 
find it closed as they had a power cut so walked 
onto Morrisions.

The next day we carried onto Stoke.  Calling 
ahead to the hire base at Festival Park for a 
pump out, on the phone they were not that 
enthusiastic but they did do one for us as it 
appears there are no boatyards on the 
Caldon Canal, where we are heading.

We stayed there the night, opposite their base, 
as Kirsty (daughter) was arriving with her 
partner Bob that night for the weekend.

They arrived without fuss from London by 
train and taxi for a supper of Chicken Caesar 
Salad (I forgot to add the shaved parmesan oops)

The next morning was dull, rain due at mid 
morning so The Insomniac (David) cast off very 
early before the visitors were actually awake 
and retraced our steps to the junction, just 
down the way.  We had to fill with water at the 
junction as you know what it's like with visitors, 
they use tonnes of water for hair washing.....

Kirsty got wind that there was the Emma 
Bridgewater Factory Shop along here
(Male Readers can pass this paragraph),  so her 
loving father stopped by it and the three of us 
went shopping.  I brought a fabulous jug 
(To add to my collection) and Kirsty brought a 
large platter for cakes, it was £50 retail down to 

We stopped later just past the five locks on a 
brilliantly south facing meadow just perfect 
for more tennis watching, the Ladies Final, 
I have always LOVED Venus and was 
disappointed that she lost, but my new favourite 
is the Spanish lady so I managed to be happy.

Later on in the day we set off again for the pub, 
The Hollybush at Dernford, we had a drink and 
then after not intending to and having supper 
all available on the boat, we had supper in the 
pub!!!  I had homemade lasagne salad and chips 
followed by a delightful sticky toffee pudding 
with custard, really it was the best sticky toffee 
I have had and I get through quite a few of those.

Photos to follow.....


  1. Hi Lisa, We'll be heading for Bugsworth next month. If your still oop Norf we might cross paths

    1. Sorry Steve, we are unexpectedly at home due to family illness.
      Next time!


  2. Hi Lisa, hope that you and David are well. Some thoughts on your data usage that may or may not be useful. Windows 10 can download some hefty updates but whilst that might give odd days where data usage is high, it shouldn't be every day. Are you using MS Onedrive for cloud storage? If so you should check which folders are being synchronised automatically. If you are downloading photos from your camera to your laptop and the pictures folder is part of the sync, you will be uploading every pic over your data connection whether you realise it or not. The onedrive sync happens in the background so as soon as you switch the laptop on, it will resume and upload (or download) any un-synchronised items. I only found this out myself when using two Windows devices so suffered the upload and download from device 1 to onedrive and then to device 2. Hope this helps.

    George (Caxton)

    1. Dear George,
      Thank you for this. I certainly didn't know any of this stuff. The man in Curry's has taken all the Live Tile updates etc off. This helped a bit but he also said that it has a virus and he recommended to restore it. Home now due to family illness so going to try to implement your suggestions.
      Thank you again,