Wednesday 27 July 2016

Keep calm and carry on....

The following day Reader it was all action for me, I had to get up.  The departing guests were to be taken to Crewe Station well in time for the 08:14 to London.   This achieved we deposited them and hugs ensued and the disconcerting news was that they had so enjoyed it they were going to come back and this time stay for a week!

I know boaters who would move their boats to avoid visitors finding them..... no names clearly.

David and I played Supermarket Sweep in the biggest Tesco I have ever entered in my life.  I left him at one point to nip to the loo and had to phone hime to locate him afterwards!  On the bonus side it was empty and fully stocked.

On returning to the boat with the car hidden and shopping almost fitting into the fridge, we cast off and after about forty mins reached the first of the two locks on the arm.  We were the fifth boat in the queue.  I made David a coffee and went off to the lock to help.
Reader are you like me in that you feel that the boats coming into the lock appear to in the words of Sarah from NB Chertsey  HERE   "Wait until the boat leaving the lock is safely in the next county.."  A great quote Sarah I read and never forgot,  so in a drawn out way it was our turn finally and do you know what Reader?  I turned around to watch David come in smartly but instead he is on the lock landing chortling and laughing with the bloke from the boat behind not even looking to see if it was ready.
I kept calm, somehow.  The next lock was better with hardly a pause, not quite sure why.

The temperature was rising and the skies solid blue and we headed north towards Chester.
This first picture below is looking back at the canal of the section where the canal winds back and forth under the A51, I like the way it appears to be a dead end.

I love this original signage on the building.  

Our mooring tonight,  great birds flying all around the trees, no other boats, hardly any wifi but a lovely spot.

It was a whopper alright.

This was around the prop!!  Well we had thought it so however as luck would have it, it was only draped over the rudder and came off without a fight.

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