Thursday 30 April 2015

Some things never change....

The day dawned bright and sunny.  It was very busy in Watermead Park, one hundred and one people were out walking their dogs, some were even out walking without dogs.  
Its great to see a great amenity being so well used.  
We fiddled about doing jobs, not that I can name any job I did,  but I'm sure I must have done something useful.

Later we set off from the mooring next to the lock here and had help from the small group of watchers gathered there, always nice to get help opening and shutting the gates.

We carried on through some very pretty water meadows, farmland and some scaggy sections but on the whole it was beautiful countryside and the sun shone brilliantly.

A section of the river Soar

Really hoped he was slip and fall in for the camera but no....

Some very lovely countryside.
We wanted water and stopped at a pub on the canal side where I had spotted a water point 18 months ago, it wasn't in our Nicholson's Guide.  A kindly cruiser owner moved his craft along to let us in and we started what was to become an hours wait while the tap trickled on.  G&T's were served with kettle chips while we waited however I don't think we will be bothering again here for water.

Sileby Mill looking very attractive today.

These two were having fun, but were tricky to pass in the wind with another boat coming when hogging the central lane! 

We rocked up eventually at Barrow-on-Soar, taking one half of a visitor mooring that has a corner a third a way along which effectively meant only we could moor here as we are 70', right behind us was a weir, these generally give me the Heebie Jeebies at night, but Amanda assured me she copied one of my 'Very hard to untie' knots so I was happy.

Barrow-Upon-Soar for the evening.
She tires at last, minutes earlier he was off too

Supper was red pepper and mushroom pilaff with a good merlot.  I washed up while David and Amanda went off together to play Musical cars.

Early next morning Amanda departed.  She has something called "Work" to go to, not sure what that is.....

Some things never change, her tyre was flat again, yes same one.