Friday 24 April 2015

Going backwards to go forwards

So here's a bit of a catch-up of what's been occurring over the last few days.  
First a bit of history, there has been a titchy leak at the back that was a warrantee job that was to fixed at the next lifting out for "Bottom Blacking"which we weren't going to do until the end of the sailing season of 2015.  However, on setting out the slight leak become a steady drip getting faster until the morning after The Boat Sharers had left us it was substantial trickle that was audible.  
Although I had pointed this out to David, with my grave reservations for the forthcoming summer trip, by morning I ended any doubt that I would be accompanying the boat further, he saw the wisdom of my words like all sensible husbands do, eventually.  
We turned and headed back to Debdale, our home base.  
They were so very helpful to us and we were up, out fixed and back in the water in a jiffy.
Here are a few photos when the Boat Sharers were here.

David Shepherd Mechanic Lewis being bendy.

Mechanic and his apprentice.

Amanda wrapped around my husband, note blue sky.

Assistant photographer being creative.

David returning after car planting ahead.

Me under careful instruction.  I only like being instructed by this man, no others. (Not a rude sign by me but pushing on my glasses)

The day we returned coincided nicely with friends Joe and Lesley off of NB Yarwood  HERE being at a loose end as their boat is currently undergoing work at Debdale of its own, so they joined us for Locks, high jinks and lunch, still we had the nice unbroken sunshine we all love so much although chilly mornings and evenings.

David on return leg.

Evening mooring at Newton Harcourt, 

Joe lending a very welcomed hand.
Filthy, but she will be cleaned up by next year
Thank you Lesley for this photo, I wasn't there, I had gone shopping.

Lunch was Fresh fig and goats cheese tart with capers and a mixed salad followed by Lemon tart and raspberries.


  1. Oh come on guys, play fair. Photos of couples who are not couples entwined on the lock side and instructor/instructee combos who aren't married are a blatant attempt to mislead me. The season is barely a week old and I'm already reaching for the tablets

  2. Forget the tablets. Alcohol seems to help things along nicely.

  3. Then I'll be seeing double...and I can't see that helping at all :-)