Saturday 10 May 2014

We Caen, we saw and we conquered.

Up and even I was dressed in time for the 10am predicted start of the flight.  Big bowlfuls of porridge had been eaten. Amanda and I on the two bikes, Patsy on foot and the two men having a challenge today as the wind was FIERCE, to say the least.

Sadly it became apparent that there was a single boat a few locks ahead of us going down, this meant that every lock was against us…… all 29 which was tiresome.  But we quickly got a rhythm established that was me preparing a lock one ahead, Patsy working the lock the boats were in and Amanda shutting the previous lock and catching up at speed on the bike.  We had a brilliantly sunny day, definitely got windburn cheeks and “Wild Boat Hair” but it was good to complete such a milestone in just about 4 hours and that included about a 30 min holdup and me filling every lock.  We all thought that was excellent time. I had few aches afterwards in my hip, but boundlessly energetic Amanda then cycled with David back to Devizes to fetch her car, drive it approx 3 miles ahead of us and back to the boat. 

David cooked supper of Mexican Beef Patties.  HERE

Here are a few of Amanda's pic's as she was official photographer today.

Entering one of the main locks on the flight side by to speed up the process.

The last pound at the bottom of the main flight, still like toffee papers.
Crew "Supervisors" working hard. pah.
Best view of the day.

Caen Hill Hair in the high winds.

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