Monday 19 May 2014

Lost and mush

So here we were, past tense as I am now at home.  A quick flit from Bradford-on-Avon to the marina where WaL is now safe and soundly locked up for a fortnight.  Well 13 days as David reminds me.
Packed up then I gave him the choice of cleaning out the shower or cleaning out the fridge…. 
Luckily we had eaten all the soft fruit on porridge that morning so not much left in the fridge.  Last year there was an unfortunate incident when Dearest Darling went off on his bike to buy strawberries and milk.  We were of the Staffs to Worcester canal at the section where the river is close to the canal and two towns all joined together by a country park.  David went off on his bike, the first Co-op was too small so he was directed to another,  found it but by that time the boat was lost!!  He asked a dog walker where the canal was but she insisted that there wasn’t one!   Eventually long after he had lost his temper he phoned me and said “Lisa I’m lost, I can’t find the boat!”  Reader I didn’t laugh much….. well not when I was on the phone to him anyway.
He rejoined the canal some 3 miles ahead of the boat and then me.  Sadly the strawberries had been bumped over this full distance on the tow path and were total mush.  So you see why I don’t allow soft fruits in the car.  Eggs too come to that.

One more story from the last day, David’s head is prone to burning as bald men’s are, so as the sun was out he put on the expensive sun cream.  (He usually makes a fuss) then on went the wide brimmed hat.  
“Lisa!! I can’t find my glasses”  we were trying to set off at the time, but it is annoying when us old folks put down glasses and then can’t see them so of course I went to search, 
“Where were you standing?” says I, 
No glasses, empty counter top, I looked on the floor, in the drawer, on the bed, in the bathroom, on the table….. in short on every counter.  Now my husband is über clever, he may not look it but he is.  He is also, at limited times, hilariously daft.  This turned out to be one of those occasions.  As I turned to face him I simply collapsed into helpless giggles as the arm of his glasses was poking down his forehead.  Turned out that while he was putting on the suncream he put his glasses in the hat and put the hat back on…. Worthy of Morecombe & Wise me thinks.  I would have taken a photo if I had not have been doubled over with laughter.

So there we are.  Home and swapping winter clothes over for summer ones.  The weather is bound to change and we shall be cold!  

We’ll talk again in 12 days time if you can contain yourself Reader.

I have included photo this to pay tribute the the old adage "No man was ever shot whilst doing the washing up"

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  1. David isn't bald. He's either grown taller through his hair or he's solar powered! :-)