Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Last Leg, for now.

Going through Gailey this morning, as we did just over two weeks ago, I gift you with another photo of the event as I believe it is the law for all Boaters to take one going through here.  For pure joy I changed the perspective for you.

You may have twigged Reader that with the shockingly slow pace of posts, that we have indeed returned home now.  This will be blatantly obvious when you just look at the sky. 

The morning in question, in the photo was freezing, we were both wearing winter fleeces and I sit at home in temperatures close to 30 degrees today, it's hard to remember that chilly morning.  I walked the first three or four locks to warm up.   

Gailey Lock.

As I walked down I found these Pretties in bloom although the first which I assume is a plain bramble has just gone off its best.

Honeysuckle but no perfume on this one.

No idea.

As we got to the next lock after this photo above there was an elderly man there already with a dog who kindly shut the gate and we chatted for a short time.  Turns out he had driven here from Walsall, (About 30 mins in the car) he helps boaters here regularly with his rather old dog who mooches around.  I told him that we had actually just been visiting Walsall and that I bet he hadn't meet many boats who have.  He told me that he has lived in his house since 1940 when he was 4 years old.  I'll help you Reader with the maths as David did it for me.  He is 81 and has lived in the same house for 71 years.  Now how many folks today can say the same thing?

My favourite Aylesbury Ducks, I used to keep these until the fox got them all, left all their bodies, this is one reason I hate foxes.

This is Teddesley Park Bridge, built in 1825 I think I found somewhere.  
Teddesley Hall     HERE      was a large estate and in later years another great estate was inherited making a huge estate.  Interestingly the then owner Third Baron I think sold off much of the estate to his tenant farmers in 1919.  For that time this was rather unusual,  I couldn't find out why although I followed lots of links and threads.

Anyway the Hall is long gone.  I do hate not knowing answers 

Debby if you are reading please feel free to name these rather lovely Pretties;

We spent the night at Acton Trussel and in the morning made the short flit to Great Hayward Marina where we have left WaL for the best part of another three weeks, home for commitments including Wimbledon, Lords and a wedding.

Leaving Acton Trussel

Isn't this a bit early for mushrooms?

Well I presume these are extra capacity water tanks.  I hope he fills them at nights.

Bye for now.


  1. Hi Lisa, the white one is a campion, probably bladder campion as it's got a fat bit below the petals but it could be white campion (like the red/pink one only white). Don't know about the pink one below. I thought it might be flowering rush but one at the top left has got leaves below the flowers so it won't be that. Too hot to be outside! one of the few times in summer I'm glad I'm not boating!

    1. Hi Debby and Kath,
      Thank you both for all your help , I really love wild flowers but I have no idea which they are. I remember snippets from bedtime stories of Cicley Mary Barker, you know the
      Flower Fairy Books?
      I am trying to remember what you tell me, but am pretty slow.....

  2. The flower after the honeysuckle (what a pity it had no scent) might be Ladies Smock.
    Kath (nb Herbie)