Sunday, 4 May 2014

No pink and fluffy here…

So here we are, moored snug.  Just for a change when David got up……. it was raining AGAIN,  I think the forecast had said a chance of showers but it was hard unremitting rain.   I was looking forward to one of those nice restful pink and fluffy days… reading, drinking, eating cake and wearing slippers.   Phone rings.  Its a daughter, needing a document URGENTLY signing and returning to her today in London…. “Where are you dad?” 
“In the middle of nowhere says he”
Oh dear.  She went online looking for an Internet Café in this area, 
“Found one” she says, “but if its not open then next one is Swindon.”
“Yes, you’ll have to get a taxi, I’ll pay, I’ll call them and call you back”
She called back with the much better news that the Library in Marlborough is open, has computers and a scanner and closes at 7pm.
So after a quick chat and a plan is cobbled together.  We biked back to Great Bedwyn, this had taken us 2.5 hours and a bunch of locks the previous day but today took us 15 mins on bikes… At the train station we locked them up and caught a wee little bus.

What a jolly affair that was, the driver greeted the two other passengers by name, asked after their health, chatted about how lovely and warm it had been the day before, charming. So we brought our tickets, sat down David thought we were going to the library to do the documents, and I was looking  forward to an afternoon shopping in Marlborough.  I figured this was to be kept to a ‘Need to know’ basis. The bus took us on a three village tour, one of which we had planned to have cycled to anyway.   All were beautiful.  The rain continued faithfully but as we approached the outskirts of Marlborough the heavens opened and we had one of those amazing cloudbursts with water flowing over pavements and washing old ladies away.  Reluctantly we had to get off the bus.  The nice driver wished us a nice afternoon and he wasn’t laughing either.  

We needed to library which of course was at the other end of the High Street, we hurried past two shops dodging under covers but I decided in the interests of staying afloat we should pop into a shop.  He followed.
Rookie error. It was still pouring when I took three skirts into the changing room and two jumpers and a cardigan.  David was spared this as his phone rang, he yacked away for sometime luckily. I had made my final decision and it was still bucketing down but we did make a dash for it and arrived at the library.  The ladies talked of ID to use their computers… but accepted a credit card, this was to use a computer for 30 mins costing £1.  I ask you.  I paid cash so not sure that ID was really necessary.  In total we were in there 55 mins.  Mostly due to the slowness of the clockwork computers. The two ladies were the most helpful they could possibly have been, if not for them I would still be in there,  maybe they were bored as we were the only two in there due to the monsoon.   But business done and we had time to kill to we went to Polly’s Tea Rooms.  Oh My Word, what joys to behold.  David ordered tea for me and one of his hippy green teas for him, OH BLIMEY ITS A SKINNY DAY!!!!! Horrors. However I ordered a Frangipani Tart and it was heavenly.  There were white starched table cloths, plate stands with finger sandwiches, scones and petit fours, cakes of all sizes. Marvellous. Definitely coming back here. 

A quick supermarket sweep around Waitrose and back to the bus.  The rain had lessened when we cycled again, but it had rained most of the day….

Home again home again jigerty jig.
Skinny supper and I needed it, was that nice fish curry with pak choi and french beans, his favourite.

I am sat here just wondering just which month I will be wearing my new boating skirt and top?


  1. A splendid example of man-management.

  2. I have to confess I was an unwitting accomplice in your shopping subterfuge. It was me that rang David at the crucial moment which caused him to take his eye off his card!!

  3. Yes Amanda, I have excellent man management skills.
    Yes thank you David. I plan to return to Marlborough, can I arrange another phone call please?