Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Cissy button and a puncture.

Late start Hurrah.  
This was due in the most part by the wet start mixed nicely with boaters enemy which are strong winds.  I sat with Amanda in the dining room/spare bedroom while David chatted nicely to us and presented us with breakfast in bed.  I say that loudly to those husbands who have asked me not to mention such things as husbands making their beloved wives breakfast in bed….
The general plan was to move the boat from here about five miles along to beautiful Bradford-on-Avon.  Several things we particularly wanted to see the Tithe Barn, oh and go to that great Victorian  Tearooms on Bridge Street too. 
Finally leaving at about 11am out into a gale, there were plenty of hire boats on the move and I pitied any inexperienced hirers struggling in this wind.  David has no qualms as he has those clever cissy buttons.
Two swing bridges to do,one was very hard, the both of us hopped off together and heaved it.
Long stretches of the canal had Live-Aboard boats along, it will be interesting to see how the new mooring rules as described by Canal Boat magazine last month will be adopted by the local residents hereabouts.  It will involve boaters moving along through 14 “Districts” from just west of Bath to the Caen Flight making an ongoing journey.  
I understand that a number of boats have “Broken down” so won’t be able to move, I wonder how that will be solved.

Several things caught my eye as we went along;

Lovely bridge, I like bridges.
This came slowly into view and we were puzzled what it was until it got closer.

Overall I like windows on my boat.....

This is a marvellous idea for mooring at will, remove the signs!!! This was not the only one by a long way.

Fancy that eh? A boat moored on a water point, 
So we did pretty much jump on the first mooring we came to above the lock, the wind was still puffing, I stayed with the boat and David walked along to se if this mooring could be improved upon, it couldn’t so we were happy.  Making ourselves pretty we set off almost at once,  for lunch at The Bridge Street Tearooms, right in the centre of town.  It was great, a Cream Tea for Amanda and myself and sandwich for David.  

Amazing building.

Tithe Barn.

Interior, it has an earth floor.

Afterwards we walked towards the Tithe Barn set in lovely parkland.  The Barn was totally magnificent, centuries old and having undergone some restoration it is now in the careful management of English Heritage.  
A lovely snooping session in gift shops and galleries in former outbuildings that are now converted into shop lets.  I tried really hard to buy something but nope.  
The old stone buildings are very lovely...

Abbey House on the site of a former abbey

A gold letter box too for him.

bridge over the river Avon.

Memorial hidden away I spotted.

Main bridge over the Avon.
We ambled along the towpath in the direction of the lock and our boat and sat awhile watching small amounts of chaos of boats everywhere wanting to go up the lock.  I love chaos, especially when I am not involved in it. 
We ambled back to our mooring out of the Tithe Barn field along the canal looking in at the Hairdressers Boat that Prunella Scales had her hair done in on the TV programme.   I we had of had more time I would have done so too.  

Amanda and David hopped on the bikes to pop back to Melksham to retrieve her car, she got the car and he got a puncture…..  but the car is in place for her to drive home tomorrow.
I shall be sorry to see her go.
Supper was Thai Chen Curry with fruit salad.

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