Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Amanda leaves, and takes us with her!

Yes Reader, today we all jumped ship.  Amanda had to go home and very kindly took us with her.  To Debdale wharf in Leicestershire to collect our car.  
We left about 8:20am jumped in her car, the one with the wonky wheels.  First stop the garage, no not to fill up but yes you've guess it to pump up the tyres.
Bradford although very beautiful, grinds to a halt on a Monday morning early with the school run and rather a lot of dustcarts, I think we counted five in ten minutes.  
Dustcarts and tiny streets do not make god bedfellows.
But whiz whiz and we were there.  Off she went to make her husbands lunch and keep him sweet, (Then he will let her come and play again).
David and I had coffee with Mr&Mrs Lovely Tubbs, our neighbours at Debdale and jumped back into our car, it started first time and had puffed up tyres too. 
We headed south well south-ish.
Getting a bit stiff we decided to stop for tea and  stretch our legs at Bourton-on-the-Water.  It was a mistake.  It was simply full of old ladies, tea shops, gift shops and coaches.  Three cute bridges too.  Whoever could actually live there I cannot imagine, there is nothing there to see apart from three cute bridges and tourists.  We passed up on tea and were gone inside 30mins.

Cute bridge

Another but a different one.

WaL in the distance at Bradford on Avon.

 Arriving back in Bradford, we popped the car onto unrestricted parking place not annoying any home owner's and walked back to the boat.
Skinny supper was Fish with cous cous in an Harissa sauce with carrots and courgettes.

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