Wednesday 10 April 2024

Don't you just hate it when computers do this sort of thing?

Now do you remember Reader that our boating friends from 
NB Hodmedod sold up their home in Suffolk, sold their gorgeous boat and moved to Scotland?  Not just any part of Scotland but an isolated part of the mainland that you have to catch a ferry to? 

Sarah and David last summer.

Hodma'dod meaning     HERE  if you didn't already know.

Well David, 78, (I give his age as it a factor in their story although I hate it when newspapers give peoples ages when they have done something stupid) David has started a blog.  Now in these days of Vlogging massively widespread I shall give you the heads up as it a joy to read see some photos of the view from their front door step, so much better than a vlog.

Do go and give it and him a whirl.  I wish I had the courage to do something like that when I that young or frankly now.  

My David says I am completely risk averse, my David, loves a gamble and will happily play "Petrol Roulette" that is to say "Oh there's plenty in the tank to get us home", I refuse to play that game, he might get us home but not enough to get to the garage the next morning, however I digress.

Back in the autumn I signed up to follow David Ruddle on his blog, the link had been sent to me from John, recently of NB Ploddin' On, to sign up and receive notifications of a new posting you had to indicate areas of interest, I think I ticked art, wine, culture, lifestyle and history.  

In the follow days I received some other blogs via email that I might be interested in...

I was somewhat surprised, I think it was the "Lifestyle" option I ticked, as I said to John when I sent out a cyber SOS, I thought it would be gardening and making jam.

 a few days later again......

The next day or so saw this arriving (For the sensitive among you I have censored the image).

Then this

This was the final one, I deselected my choice and decided on another three walking, food and gardening.  From then on it's all been fine.  I am really only interested to read about David and Sarah and their quite dramatic change of living.
He writes beautifully and very descriptively too.  If you want to hear how they are getting on then hopefully this link will work, but if you did want to read about Thailand or that husband then there is a search engine on the site.

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