Friday 24 November 2023

Hurry up David, it's another holiday

 So we got back from Italy and I quickly began the washing turn around and back in the suitcases for the next one.  In between times was an interlude of family fun with the arrival of Verity and Mitch back from NZ on a holiday, they were a bit busy seeing friends, a few rellies and going to two weddings which were not even in the UK!  But that's the young for you, they think nothing of flying a thousand miles for a cup of tea.

The sun came out in September so we all enjoyed a day on the beach, a great opportunity to get a family portrait;

This was about as good as it got even using promises and threats, threats of tickling I mean.  Verity and Mitch are out of shot cajoling and encouraging smiles.

All of a sudden the Kiwi's were being dropped back at the dreaded Heathrow and we had a rendezvous at Gatwick as we had been invited to join middle daughter Kirsty and Bob for a week in Turkey to lendahand with the two grandchildren.
We couldn't wait.

The worst thing again was the 6am flight meaning being up, dressed and out of the hotel at 03:45, I call that cruelty to holidaymakers.

It was a scramble getting two little ones, David was in full body pain, (He has since been diagnosed with Polymyalgia 24 hours on the medication and he's a new man but that was since), six suitcases and five hand luggage bags, once we had all the luggage and all done a loo stop we were the last ones out of the airport and onto to the coach, but that was a benefit the other end as our bags were the first off.

So a week of sunshine, sunbeds, massages, David had four in a week to see if that helped him, tennis lessons, Pickle Ball (whoever heard of that?  Something about it being the fastest growing sport, a cross between tennis and table tennis!)  David played and really enjoyed it but was dead the next day and good food with Turkish wine!!!!  I mean who knew? 
But by golly it was good.

People say this Poppet looks like me, but I don't see it.

All in all a marvellous week of good fun, giggling and pure joy of the two Poppets. 
Then we went on an outing to Ephesus, Eh? I said when my son-in-law Mitchell suggested us going, as he and Verity had been some years ago, Oh it's just about the best preserved ancient city in Europe.... Yes we are going says I. 

Well the first thing to say is that the place is vast, it was a city after all.  I thought it would just be the three of us there, maybe a couple of other Brits but no.  Evidently it's well on the cruise ship route.  This day the Guide said there weren't that many ships in only about four, but some days there can be as many as ten!!!!

The site is still only partially excavated, but contrary to the National|Trust policy, here they have put fallen pillars and blocks back towards their former positions, you still need a bit of imagination. 

Nike: I'm sure you all knew Nike was a Goddess
This is what the city Library looked

and just looked what has been achieved after centuries, invasions and earthquakes.

The carvings were amazing

This is the three of us, to the right of us is the famous Gate of Augustus Ephesus.

This I believe was a pillared boulevard of shops

Amphitheatre, impossible to photograph and show the scale.

It is a real stunning place in the very real sense of the word, there's lots to say about this place and you can read about it 

This handmade silk rug caught my eye, but despite the hard sell, David refused to buy it for me, David insists the man said £26,000 but I thought I heard £16,000.  I only wish the colours had come out better, peacock blues and ruby, garnet cherry reds.

Well that's the end of our summer trips.  Normal service will be resumed later, or nearly normal.


  1. Bugger for David with polymyalgia - the pain is ghastly, I gather. Here's hoping the meds he's on continue to help - prednisone?
    But what a super set of holidays you've had. And those lovely wee grandchildren are delightful.

    1. Thank you Marilyn,
      Indeed yes that is what he is on. It's taken months to diagnose as previous blood tests didn't show it, the amazing thing is that literally three pills and 24 hours he came skipping out of bed, we simply couldn't believe it from agony.
      I thought we might have to give WaL!


  2. Poppet has your nose and hair. :-)

    1. Greetings Tom,
      Sorry Tom, British sarcasm, two of my daughters think the likeness is very strong, we also both love toast, crumpets and apricot jam into the bargain!

  3. Hi Lisa, I was going to use my kiwi sarcasm and suggest it's fortunate poppet doesn't have David's hair :-)

    1. One day she did ask why Diddy (her word for David) doesn't have any hair yet!