Sunday 26 March 2023

It's grey , but hey

The canals are wearing their winter outfits still.

There was discussion at length of proposed activities but mostly about the weather forecast this morning.  In the event it was decided. 
I refused to walk to the 
Dog and Doublet on the road at night so it was lunchtime or no time.
You see that although it's a minor road but the traffic uses it as others use Brands Hatch.  
Big lorries too.  

So we moved WaL up the canal in the sunshine listening to the birdsong as well as the odd train that thundered past.  
If you can believe it Reader we even needed our sunglasses.

It took about an hour and moored below the lock.  If you plant your solar panels carefully you can with the help of a gap in the hedge secure sunshine and therefore free power much  later into the afternoon.  

The moorings above the lock are attractive and often taken.  

So with lipstick applied and after some tut tutting at David's somewhat dirty,  but smart trainers we took our lives in our hands and walked to the pub.  I went first in the face of the oncoming traffic as I had the brightest coat.  
Glad to report we made there and back alive.
The pub is very lovely super staff, most attentive and great food.  David was excused somewhat dirty trainers as four men on the next table had high vis coats, cor blimey trousers and working boots.... (They were there for the afternoon)

Walking back on the other side of the road I was sad to see a considerable chunk of the canal bridge was been hit with most of the brickwork ending up in the lock cottage garden.  

Glad I wasn't walking there and I hope no one else was.  I'm in favour of capital punishment for the bashing of historic bridges.

It was a late lunch, and an early evening of reading .....
Such luxury.

I'm fully immersed in this

and David this

There's not a lot of stimulating conversation going on....

Lunch was warmed cauliflower salad, then hake in a gorgeous sauce and bakewell tart which wasn't a patch on mine or should I say Mary Berry's but you can't have everything.

Proper boating tomorrow, might even do two hours.....


  1. Lovely to hear from you afloat again.

    1. Why thank you. Very much enjoying ourselves just now, an interlude as I don't think we can come back any time soon

  2. Bit concerned about David applying lipstick. But I suppose when you next visit NZ he will fit in without comment! :-)

    1. Oh Tom you are as sharp as needles I was tempted to go back and edit but I won't, I'll look and giggle.
      Hope you and Jan are well.


  3. Can I borrow books when you have finished them? We are getting thoroughly into What A Lark cruising. Not moved for two days. 😁

  4. Don't you just love no deadlines and no having to's?
    Best thing about being onboard.
    See soon xx