Friday 30 December 2022

Pata... what?

We had a bit of a busy autumn one way or another.  
The mass of birthday parties, then we helped one daughter and family move house, we had new windows fitted which meant that every room in the house was chaotic, worst of all was the larder needed to be emptied.  The contents of the larder filled one and a half rooms and I couldn't fit it all back in again...  

Next thing was that youngest daughter Verity and Kiwi husband Mitch let their flat in London and moved into our house.  This preceded their departure from these shores, firstly for an extended trip around South America and then to New Zealand.

We were invited to go visit them in New Zealand, which I was keen to do but then there was news that we have another grandchild due in Feb, so we can't be on the other side of the world....  "Come to Patagonia instead Lisa, we'll be there in December too to meet you" said Mitch
"Where the bloody hell is Patagonia?" says I

I didn't really take it seriously but as the weeks ticked past Verity & Mitch's departure date got nearer the four of us piled into the travel agents.  David and I didn't need to do any research or planning, (which was good as I hate anything like that) because V&M had already done lots... 

All of a sudden the day came and off we went to Heathrow.  
By now I had looked on a map and found out just where the hell Patagonia was.

If you are remotely interested here are a few photos below.

Normal service will be resumed in a few more weeks time after new baby is arrived and Easter is done and dusted.

So this is 'The Steppe', cold desert, rocky and fascinating.  There's masses of it.

Ice-bergs, you'd think they would just bob about but the endless winds that blow down here straight off the Andes can move them miles overnight.

The Andes are big, windy and cold.

Glacier's.  Quite a few of them.  This one is so close you feel you could reach out and touch it.  The roars and cracking noise is deafening.  Sad really, none of these glaciers are growing.

David got caught by this Dancer, if he of twigged what was afoot he'd of run a mile.

So yes we were there for some of the World Cup matches.  Mr. Messi's face adorned buildings, buses, billboards and every other persons chest.

Unusual venue for a holiday, a cemetery La Recoleta, incredible memorials. 

This was the one we and many others looked for, that of Maria Duarte, otherwise known as Eva Peron

There's 100% inflation in Argentina.  This was the payment for lunch one day

Buenos Aires known as the Paris of South America.  It has stunning impressive buildings but its days of grandeur are sadly over for now. 

Steaks beyond compare.

Jacaranda trees in bloom are wonderful.

Works by Freida Kahlo in the museum of modern art

Another iconic image.  

Iguazu Falls, will give Niagara a run for its money.  Possibly the hottest and most humid place I have ever experienced.

Bariloche.  Centre of their Lake District.  Very beautiful here and they specialise in the making of chocolate.  A craft the early settlers brought with them from Germany.

Wild lupins growing on the shores of these lakes, but they refuse to grow in my garden.

On a high pass overlooking the huge Uppsala glacier.  The wind was over 100mph this day.  I was clinging onto this rock to hold the camera steady and David is holding onto me.

This is me in my winter boating kit.  Its certainly good enough for the canals.

Uppsala Glacier behind us.  Believe me it was breezy.

38C in Buenos Aires, we did a cycling tour.  Wonderful cycling lanes and the city is flat.

Maria Duarte again aka Eva Peron.

I wasn't expecting to see this....

So there you have it.  We had a big adventure, I have told David I need a holiday now.  Another tearful goodbye to beloveds who after another mammoth journey arrived in Auckland and they are mostly on the beach currently, now that sounds nice.....


  1. What an amazing adventure - you are intrepid!
    Easy to see Mitch is a kiwi - the jandals are ubiquitous.
    Make sure to come to NZ next summer (ours) so we will be home for you to have a couple of nights with us.
    We are off to the South Island shortly for a wedding and then a jaunt over Arthur's Pass to the West Coast and Hokitika in particular. I always think of you when I am there ...
    Happy New Year, Mxx

    1. Hello Marilyn,
      You are quite right about the Flip Flops, or Jandals, I think Mitch only had jandals and walking boots in South America.
      On their Honeymoon, (There were 11 of us on the Honeymoon) it was to Coromandel, Russell and Waiheke Island Mitch didn't even bring shoes with him....
      This was a great trip, tiring and exciting. We came home from those temperatures and felt we should be going boating. But since then its been strong winds and horizontal rain.

      Have a wonderful wedding and give my love to Hokitika. Have you read The Luminaries haven't you?

      Anyway, arrive soon, the weather here is wonderful cough cough

      Lisa & David xx