Tuesday 5 November 2019

Bloody knots and Poles.

The next morning, at length, we loosened the ropes and set off.  Well David took a while to undo my rope but he managed it after a fashion.  We winded here (Turned around) and started the short-ish run back towards Great Haywood.

Things to consider today, 
a)   That we wanted to meet up with NB Steadfast tomorrow night.
b)  We wanted to stay dry.
c)  We needed to test out the television reception to watch the Rugby World Cup Final on Saturday am.

Our television is a bit of a story, when the boat was launched way way back in 2012, we had the old TV from our lounge put onto WaL.  Its small alright and also old.  In fact every season its a surprise if it works.  One spring it failed and in my head I had already converted the TV cabinet into a drinks cabinet.  Then David Lewis visited and pushed the plug in more firmly so we still have the TV....  The only thing is we actually hardly ever watch it!
Today we wanted a clear signal for the TV or good 4G to watch the match on the laptop.

Here's darling in his Noddy Hat.

Pretty fierce flow here too.

Wonderful colour here.

A pretty uneventful hop, we passed a few more boats going north, mostly hire boats.

We reached the junction at Great Haywood with the Staffs to Worcester canal,  we travelled all along it this spring where we had our solar panels fitted.  Fabulous canal.
We made the turn slowly but nothing was coming.

We pitched up here at the lovely Tixell Wide.  A night here then we planned to return to the junction to meet NB Steadfast.   HERE   We learnt that they had set off but had had a breakdown so our meeting looked in jeopardy.

Nice reflection thing going on here.

The gap David had chosen here was clear of trees for the TV signal.  Not that we watched anything.  We snugged up.

Supper was Lamb Biryani.

The next morning we pootled back to the junction.  Disappointingly the mooring that we thought would have to best reception for the Rugby was still occupied by a boat we had walked past three nights previously despite the 48 Hrs mooring.  We reversed onto a spot closer to the trees.  We walked up to the farm shop and had breakfast, David had poached eggs and I had Staffordshire Oatcakes with mushrooms. 

Leaving Tixell

David untying the bow ropes.

That evening in a monsoon we drove up to Penkridge to meet NB Steadfast's crew.  That is to say Joe, Lesley and Amanda who was staying onboard to help with the locks for their journey from Gailey to Tamworth.  But it was not to be this time the breakdown couldn't be mended so instead of eating at Great Haywood we all went to The Littleton Arms at Penkridge.
Very good it was too.
I drove them back to their boat still in a monsoon but before we arrived back again at Great Haywood it was dry, just a few miles away.

The Rugby Final the next morning was a loss of course, but being British we are used to that.  We tried to cheer ourselves up by eating bacon sandwiches....  A valiant effort and we'll have to look forward to four years time.

We waited until the rain had stopped to move the boat back into the marina.  Vague smears of blue skies seem to appear and as we moved off of course it poured with rain again.

We topped right up to the brim with diesel with David holding an umbrella over the tank and then pulled into our new mooring slot.  
We must remember to take in the boat pole and boat hook said David and lets not forget to empty the water tank either....
We have to leave the boat tomorrow, stopping off in London to babysit for a gorgeous baby.

The last night onboard for us this year.  Not too much to pack this time.  Just as I put my coat on and pick up my handbag David remembers that we haven't emptied the water tank.  This takes considerably longer to empty despite it hardly having much water left in the tank but it was finally done and we drove off.

Half way home.... "Bloody hell I forgot to put the boat pole and hook inside the boat!"   
I fear it's our age. 


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