Thursday 21 January 2016

New Year Interlude

Dear Reader, 

Well Happy New Year to you, its been a while but we are here happy and alive still.

The other day as the cold snap approached we nipped up to the boat to check all was well which it was.  WaL was covered in ice but all happy still there where we had left her.

David played about with cables and wires, he did his usual head scratching, then a little chin rubbing and ummmmming.

This is a one moving around Debdale, listen to the ice crunching.. 

So this is we four in The Bell at Gumley for hot soup and a thawing session before returning to WaL.... My new Selfie Stick is going to be such fun this summer!!!!
Then when I was almost totally numb, we left and drove south to Banbury.

Amanda and David had come on over to play boats too, in fact they played "Convoy" as we drove through the green and pleasant land to Banbury.  On a bit of a schedule now as we had a table booked for supper in the evening at HERE  The Moon and Sixpence at Hanwell, just three miles outside Banbury and well worth the bike or taxi ride when we are this way again on the boat.

At the pub we met Joe and Lesley who you remember Reader went across The Wash with us last summer. 
So good to catchup with them again.  NB Yarwood has spent the winter tucked up nicely at nearby Cropedy.

The next morning, some of us joined The Yars at Cropedy, to help them start off their 2016 season.

All thermals on as they pull away from the diesel bay at Cropedy Marina

Thats Joe in the driving seat back there.

Lesley frightfully pleased to be moving again.

Bye Cropedy!

One of these poor darlings was shaking like a jelly for the short ride to the bridge hole.

All discerning Lady Boaters are wearing purple this season

First lock of the day and virgin snow all around.

First lock of the year and Joe is smiling.

We walked the Claydon Flight

The author holding gloves.

Yes with snow on the ground these "Fisherpersons"must have such unhappy home lives to drive them out of doors thus.

"Here comes dad"

Last lock of the day

Joe pulled over after the top lock and after a lot of boot banging and scraping we took off the boots and piled into Yarwood for hot soup, pasties and tea.

Yarwood was going on further towards Fenny Compton for the night and after we had feasted the phone rang.  They had only done a runner from Cropedy Marina without paying for the diesel they and filled up with earlier! 

Easy mistake when you are talking, I must try it.
Home for us again and no boating till after another daughter has married (Reception at our house!) so look forward to seeing you then.


  1. I've always thought they looked like a dodgy pair - sadly a narrowboat isn't the best getaway vehicle for a diesel drive off!