Tuesday 28 October 2014

Dawn, well almost.

This was dawn today, well 8:30 anyway

This was my view this morning as I opened the side hatch, nice me thinks.  
We were just short of Long Ichington.  So we set off to complete the run towards Braunston on this section of the Grand Union Canal.
A nice run along here with every lock in our favour, that was a nice change.
The sun was shining and as the day progressed the wind picked up to a breeze and then later to being pretty strong and as we climbed all the locks developing into a small hurricane at Calcutt marina where we wanted diesel, our map had the marina at the top of the three locks but in fact the services are between the second and third lock coming up.  So to get diesel David had to do a nice cheeky bit of reversing across  the pound at one point getting a tiny bit wedged on the concrete but how nice that on this occasion the button being  in exactly the right place and saving the paintwork.  
So the last locks done, 13 today and we just wanted to moor up out of this wind.  So onward to the junction, no boats coming, a left turn and along to shelter under the hedge.

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