Thursday, 17 May 2018


Another hot and sunny day here, far too nice to go boating so we went on an outing instead. 

I can hear screaming from Boating enthusiasts but in reality this is a long yearned for and planned jaunt.  We were last there just over thirteen years ago and both have wanted to return since.  I was very excited.

So to non Garden Lovers, maybe scroll down fast, normal service resumed tomorrow.

Hidcote,    HERE      if you don't know is one of the best in the country, its known all over the world for its beauty. I'm not going to write too much about it as you can read it on the link.

Hidcote Manor House, not open to the public.

It has visitors from all over the world too, we dodged a really LOUD French group, their voices projecting so they could have been thought New Yorkers, luckily the gardens are so spacious we could avoid them (You could certainly hear them coming)....

Purple green and white to celebrate "Votes for Women" centenary.

Not chives but Alliums, same family though.

The stunning tulips were just beginning to turn.

Work of art those dicky birds.

We love these Acers, but sadly they won't grow at ours.

Candelabra primulars


White blossom is my fav, I'm not keen on pink.

Ooooo another gateway.

The orchards

I can imagine architectural historians would be moaning about replacing the glass roof with plastic, but that's recessions for you.

"The Avenue"

The Red Border.


We were going to rush to the NT Snowshill garden in the area as well but due to the sunshine and the certain knowledge that Hidcote couldn't be beaten, we came back to WaL to sit in the sun.
A stupendous day, if you like that sort of thing.

Supper was salmon steaks on a bed of green lentils, sun dried tomatoes and black olives, followed by a huge scone with jam and cream which we usually have at NT places but the cafe was so crowded we came away.


  1. I am not sure if it is where we went, but I seem to remember when we lived in Church Enstone, going to a performance of Macbeth there - dire performance but lovely setting. David had just flown back from NZ (visiting his parents) and slept through Acts 2 and 3 in the car, lucky man ...
    We never did go back in the daytime, but your photos have encouraged me. I wonder if it'll be as beautiful in summer?
    Have you been to the fab tulip place in the Netherlands (Kerkenhoff or something similar) not far out of Amsterdam? We went there when I was working in Amsterdam back in 2007 - a friend came over for a weekend and we had a wonderful day there.
    Cheers, M

    1. Hi Marilyn,
      Your Macbeth experience reminds me of ours at Stratford last year. At half time I remarked to David that a family (French) were leaving after one half of Anthony and Cleopatra.... Yes its dreadful isn't it? I'm off back to the boat, you can stay.

      Hidcoe is wonderful all year, did you mean in NZ summer? We are going back later this year to see the roses in full bloom.

      I haven't been to the tulip place you mention but I will get the opportunity perhaps next year as our last unmarried daughter changes that and marries a Dutchman this summer. We have an international selection of son-in-laws, one Kiwi, one Dutch (To be) and one from the Black Country!


      Lisa xx