Sunday, 20 May 2018

A cold day then supper out but in.

Its all go here today, we're moving properly and everything.  There has been a complete change in the weather today as you can see, that was a major reason as to why we stopped on that sunny spot yesterday.  David has four layers on today and very soon I fetched his gloves too.

Last night's mooring.

Oh dear oh dear how very sad a sight this is.   

I googled the cottage just to the south of Cropedy and on a forum there was a discussion about its sad recent history.  It seems it was sold in the recent past and a boater who is from the area brought it at an auction, they quickly found that it is not benefitting from the new flood defence system in the area and now has water coming up through the floor in times of high water, there followed a fire and I gather now an impasse on the fate of the is cottage, which is now a shell without road access.  
One time we came through to find in the remnants of the garden a blackcurrant bush laden with ripe fruit, blackcurrants are David's favourite and cooked up a treat, but this year someone has unwittingly cleared the undergrowth taking the other fruit bushes with them and had a large bonfire.
Very sad, so enjoy this cottage while its here and let's all try to save the saveable next time.

Under the M40, I always feel very smug about the poor people having to be in cars when I am boating.... Super smug.

Into Banbury after a cold two hours, we moored in the centre of town for the novelty of it.

David needed to go food shopping, he had already talked to the man on the boat behind who complained bitterly about how far it was to Morrisons, oh you should have moored up down there he helpfully added...  Another boater was walking to Tesco.  I said that I wasn't in the mood for hiking and then weight lifting and suggested M&S.  He certainly was reluctant  but he is now a convert!  We got everything we wanted and a few bits more beside with no hiking involved.  Result.

Supper was M&S meal deal and was excessively delicious, coronation chicken patties (Chicken in tasty curry-esque) sauce with English asparagus and a bottle of white wine for £10.

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