Friday, 1 September 2017

Fine company arrives.

So a very early start today as daughter and husband were being dropped at Kinver for them to join us on WaL.  

Kinver is a short run further down the Staffs to Worcester, we wanted to fill up with water first as we all know how much guests use.....

So by 08:30 we were pulling into Kinver with the intention of waiting two or three minutes on the lock landing while they hurried aboard, I always say whatever you do don't bring a suitcase.....  My daughter's suitcase had to stay in a corner of the lounge for the duration.

The sun was shining and spirits were high as we sailed on south.  Spirits were high until we told them that the cupboard was bare and we had to do a shop at Sainsbury's in Kidderminster.  

When we arrived the men went shopping and us two girls sat in the sun drinking wine,  I'm not sure but I don't think I was trusted with the fridge management by David.  On their return, they were sometime getting it all in our modest fridge, along with the weekends wine...... and beer....... and tonics.

Some rather stylish graffiti I liked in Kidderminster

A former mill now converted into retail.

South of Kidderminster, the sun shone and we were looking for a sunny mooring.

Moor of that bank strengthening reed sausage roll thingy on the way to be planted.

Under the Severn Valley Steam Railway bridge. I was waiting and waiting for a train to go over.... 

Son in law is a chef supremo and cooked these Padron peppers for us by way of a starter which were divine, then we had chicken caesar salad, he even made his own dressing from scratch!!!!!

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