Friday, 9 June 2017

Yes of course it's grey, its not summer yet!.

Yes it was raining again this morning and pretty heavily.  We stayed put to consider.... 
David says "I've told you plenty of times it's not summer till the 21st June"  but does it have to be autumn?

At about ten or so we made the decision to go. Two boats had gone past in awful rain, but it did lessen to light drizzle....  We had the rest of the locks to do and so we went.  
These are the Curdworth Flight, here on the Birmingham to Fazely canal,  eleven in total. 

Last night we had stopped after 3 or 4 lock on pleasant visitor moorings outside the pub on rings.  As a total novice at helming it was far too blowy for me to handle so I did the locks.

One or two boats came down saying there was a volunteer here, but we saw no sign of him, until we had completed the flight.  I think he was having his break. 

The countryside is open and flatish farmland here.

The locks are beautifully maintained along this flight, all the locks had flower troughs although this was the best today as the other ones had spring flowers that had faded, but the lawns were all mowed.

I simply love Foxgloves

M42, I always feel smug around motorways, because I am not on one.

Lupins naturalised in the hedgerow. 

I had balanced on the bow to remove the light cover for this tunnel, not knowing that you can see right through it.

The sky did this, so given that we were parallel with nice neat armo the snap decision was made to moor up.....  "It will mean an early start tomorrow"  said teacher, we were well short of our intended place to moor overnight but even so it was a good move as yes the sky did what it promised and the rain hammered down.


I love the sun of the grasses and the grey sky behind.

WaL's mooring tonight.

Supper was salmon and David's special salad.


  1. The juxtaposition of sun and dark cloud is especially lovely, isn't it? And I too love foxgloves - took a photo yesterday on our way between Wootton Waven and Wilmcote - am loving this canal now we are away from the M40!

    1. Thank you for that compliment, do let us all know how you've all got on in Stratford. I'd love to go back.