Monday, 5 June 2017

Tixall and Shugborough

So off we go, a lovely morning, we creep around the corner to Tixall Wide proper, and yes its pretty full, only a couple of spaces left.

The Tixall Gatehouse, this can be rented to stay in,  HERE  from the Landmark Trust.

Pretty grand for a weekend party.

After queueing for the service point and I went for a quick flit around the farm shop here, we dropped down the lock at Great Heyward.  
Just look at that sunshine....  

(As I write this post today, David is on deck in full wet weather gear, I am not, the heating has been on and the windows are closed) 

One or two boats only moored along here overlooking Shugborough Hall. 

As members of the National Trust we have visited the Hall in the past, I remember it being rather dull with the only section of interest being Lord Litchfield's private flat which was delightful full of photos of his contemporaries during his time as a society London photographer, oh but the Laundry was good too. 

I have to say, it does look boring doesn't it? 

Last year there were protests from the local football club here about the withdrawal of the use of the pitches      HERE    The pitches have been used by the village for yonks and yonks, then the council "Returned" their upkeep to the Shugborough Estate, which own them.  The Estate at the time declared they wanted to return the estate to the type of farming practiced in the 18th Century, well Reader you should have heard my husband on that particular topic, he can rant for hours.   The locals were up in arms, with a petition signed by over 700 people plus the support of their local MP have prevented this SO FAR.  Today I called the news desk of the local paper to get the very very latest news and I can tell you there is none,  the thorny question rumbles on but nothing decided upon. 

Goal posts still there but it looks very unattended.

Cannock Chase looking glorious today.

David had already seen Cannock Chase today, these following photos I attribute to him.   

There is a Commonwealth Graves cemetery there with all these German graves, unfortunately it was locked at dawn with high fencing but on looking it up the graves are mostly from the First World War  HERE  very touching I always feel, to have family members buried so far away from home.  
My own NZ son-in-law has a family member buried near Guildford who was shot down in the WW2.  He left NZ in his early 20's never to return.  Pretty hard to imagine.  That soldier's playmate is still alive, my son-in-laws grandma now in her 90's.  Its all so very real when you visit these well attended graves.

 At Colwich lock there was but a small queue, I went along to help a single hander, a learnt a thing from him....

Single hander in the lock.

Look carefully to see a prepared mooring rope for both sides of the canal ready hooked, clever me thinks.

We have never yet stopped in Rugeley, I get a bit twitchy in these narrows but no one came towards us thankfully.

So here is Plum Pudding Cutting, its an old tunnel with the roof now taken off, the correct procedure is to send a runner forward (Me)    
to check nothing is coming in the other direction, then whether you are called on your phone, walkie talkie or semaphore tell your captain it's clear....Or if you are David then just come through anyway!

So why am I doing this...?

 We moored up just past Armitage and Handsacre in a sunny spot with these yellow Flag Irises all around,  I had seen my first one last week but this was the first time I could get a good shot.

Our mooring for the night.


  1. I love this time of year on the canals with the yellow irises coming into flower.

    1. Its all very lovely, but it would be better with a tad more sun.