Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Let's get naked..... or not

We had one of those days today, we wanted to get a particular place to moor up and leave the boat for a trip.  We set off early, but not too early, to secure the place but hopefully not get there too early before the previous people had left this morning, oh the stress of it all....
Rhodies, not everyone's cup of tea, not really my cup of tea, too gaudy, but here in the open woodland they look better.  The only problem is they are spreading throughout this section of woodland, they are invasive and introduced, but purple is one of my favourite colours.

Arriving at Woodend Lock, certainly good to see a male captain pulling his weight, seriously aggravates me to see the women doing everything at locks.  Women STOP!

Wood End Cottage, glad it's been saved while the H2 thingy rumbles on

Immediately after the lock, David said something to me, I was camera fiddling and didn't really hear him, so I looked up and caught sight of a naked man.  I kid you not.  So David had said to me "That sign says Naked Area"  well Reader he was a brave chap, early morning on the bankside easy as you like and not a stitch on.  Now I am all for self expression and freedom of thought, however I have to save that to my mind the more clothes a male wears the better he looks, conversely the fewer (Or none) he wears the more ghastly he looks.
No photos were taken.

Into Fradley, I have to say I have never in all my four years of boating and periodic visits to Fradley seen it so empty.  Have you?  There were a few CART long term moorings above the top lock but these have gone now with all visitor moorings.

I can't be sure without looking back, but in the past I have seen moored boats on this corner where I am standing to take this photo.  Today it is for operating the swing bridge only.

We haven't been in the Swan aka Mucky Duck since it's changed hands a while ago.

So we moored up WaL in the prefered place and went to visit Litchfield, it was primarily to see the Cathedral which we haven't been to before.  If you are a Spring Watch viewer like me and have seen the Peregrine Falcons on the roof of Salisbury Cathedral, I can tell you that they are also in residence at Litchfield, we heard them calling repeatedly but I could spot them until they flew off over our heads.  

Tewkesbury Abbey are trying hard    HERE    but they haven't nested and mated yet.

Home to WaL and supper was cheese on toast with added stilton.

Home first thing in the morning for a party!

Back soon.


  1. What about a naked man doing the locks Lisa!! Does the yuk factor outweigh the good?

    1. Now this is a tricky one for me. I have to say on balance I think it would be dangerous as I would have to keep my eyes shut.
      I have heard recently that there are a pair of boaters who go Naked Boating...... I've not met them.

  2. Ooh Debby - I am afraid that is a sight I don't wish to think about! Shirtless is bad enough!

    Lisa - Chris and I will be a disappointment to you as I am the lock wheeler - Chris has various parts that don't function too well, so the most part he is confined to the back deck. Jennie nb Tentatrice

    1. Shirtless men! What a horrible thought.

      As for men who cannot do locks then the wonderful women fill the breach, I hope you can both continue to go boating for as long as you want to. I should have said that I have a problem with men who bring the boat in, then watch the woman, close the gate, wind a heavy paddle without flinching or if going up don't open the gate either.....
      I was truly horrified when I was helping this lady on the Stratford canal when there were two men on deck.......!
      I would have clunked them both with the windlass.

    2. Yes one person (of whatever gender) struggling whilst there are two people on the back deck would get my gander up as well. We manage well between us and Chris is always willing and able to get off the boat and help if I am struggling. He does do a few locks, he is just unable to do a whole load in a big flight and yes, we will continue boating for as long as possible. We are still waiting for our spare part which was ordered on 23rd May - it might have been quicker to collect it by narrow boat!!