Monday, 19 June 2017

It's a WHAT coming?

We left Persall Common this morning and a pretty nice day at last.  The sun almost came out but it was warm and Lisa was very happy.

The countryside was unexpectedly green and lush, all in all quite lovely.  The greenness continued until it stopped as we came into a built up area.

See how clear it is?

Lovely views both sides.

More views

Then around a corner and this was there.

What a GREAT idea for a garden here, keeps the children alive and you can see the lovely water.

Ugliest chicks on the water.
 Water lilies beginning to flower, I've been waiting for them.

So although the rubbish in the canal has a reputation, today was only the second time the prop got mangled.  David tried the usual technique of reversing at speed which had the inadvertent effect of making it much worse, as the banks were all full of reeds and lilies, at the approaching bridge I suggested me getting off and holding the middle rope while Sunny Jim went down the 'ole.  All fine then as he was getting towards the end of the plastic hauling, I called to him, you are not going to believe this but there's a boat coming!
There was shock on both of us I can tell you, first boat manned and moving in days and days....
Well it didn't take him long to jump up, clean up and get out of the way, the Sea Otter owner was patient and understanding....  We apologised for blocking the way but said we hadn't seen a boat in days, he was laughing by now as around the corner came another Sea Otter and he told us that The BCN Explorer Cruise had started yesterday and that 19 boats were coming this way!!  Yikes 

Only the second time, two garden composting bags.

 So this part of the canal is long, narrow in places, green and alternately built up and industrial which makes it interesting to me.  Cyclists went past exclaiming surprise and delight of a boat on the canal (Today of course there were 20 in total) he said he hadn't seen a boat before, we told him we were intrepid travellers from the south.

The odd door makes a change to see.

and another if anyone wants one.

 So to our next mooring was at Bentley Bridge. Today its a retail park full of eateries and I think I remember seeing a big supermarket.  But we didn't need anything and it was quite late in the afternoon for us, so a nice steak supper.
An early night as tomorrow we are heading down the Wolverhampton 21 Flight.

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