Thursday, 15 June 2017

Curly Wurly anyone?

So us like a lot of people had a bit of a lie in, this was the morning after the General Election and the mass confusion that went along with it. 
David woke early after only three hours of sleep, I had done slightly better.

Later on we set off.  The Anglesea Arm is a branch off of the Essington to Wyrley canal and goes off seemingly into the green countryside, its not a long run up but it was attractive. 
Presently we came to this interesting old junction, to Huddlesford, which we had passed by the other end of this branch, it was where the Gardner Engine Festival was being held.  This sign post mentions 'Restoration'   HERE  you can see their website, I think I shall make a donation.

Straight down there is Huddlesford.

No boats of course.

On entering the basin here, was this odd structure, if anyone knows what it is please do tell me.

Arriving in the basin.

This is the lovely basin below, formally for the loading of coal into barges from the mines nearby to the reservoir which is behind the slope in the photo. 

 We went for a ride around the lake as I like to call it.

Could be one of the Italian Lakes eh?


I would guess at an orchid.

Suddenly there was this deer, standing calm as you like.  

I have had it identified by an expert, (David Lewis) as a Red Deer, the expert says she probably has a fawn nearby which is why she didn't run.
We sat on the back of WaL and enjoyed a lunch in the sun, a total pleasure.  Then off we went, we hadn't intended to stay overnight.  
So we retraced our steps down the Arm, then instead of turning left back down the Rushall canal, we carried straight onto the Wyrley & Essington aka Curley Wurley.

We now head towards Wolverhampton.

Love this name.

We stopped briefly at Tesco right by the canal somewhere, and that's where we saw our first boats moored up, they weren't moving though.  
The cruise along the W&E was bendy and shallow in places but always green with wildlife but there were not many moorings.  From what I could see it was bricked edged concrete with nowhere to stake or thick lilies, but hardly any armco.  So it was a slightly longer day.

We approached Persall common, our intended spot for the night. and pretty glorious spot it is too.   About twenty minutes after I took these blue sky shots, the sky filled in and it poured.
Early nights for both of us.

Persall Lovely Common

Look carefully to see WaL in the grass.

 If 'Pinky' White said this, then he was a clever man, I completely concur.

Lunch was steamed salmon with one of David's special salads and a glass of in the sun


  1. Your odd structure is a coal shute, used to load coal into the boats from the mines they served.

  2. Well I did wonder, but in the absence of anyone sensible....

  3. No where to stake or 'thick lilies' - sorry Lisa - what are they?

    1. I can't stop laughing at myself Carol.... What I was meaning was that the lilies have grown thickly along the bank that a boat can't get in, but then there are concrete edging to the canalside so you can't get the pins in.
      I wrote it in a hurry sorry Carol for poor grammer.

  4. Hi Lisa, It has been niggling away at me for a while - apart from the almost of crossing of paths at Boston I just had this feeling we had crossed paths before and lo and behold it came to me! We passed you at Thames Lock on the R Wey when you were travelling with nb Yarwood on Sat 15th Aug 2015! I have a picture of you here - Jennie currently sweltering in Stratford.

    1. Dear Jennie,
      Well what a memory you have!!! That is a pretty cool bit of recall from two years ago. I am seriously impressed.
      Sadly I didn't notice at the time, although I would have recognised your boat's name had I'd seen it, but that afternoon we had had a bit of a conflab at the office, so when we finally got going there was no looking back I seem to remember. Isn't that a pity.
      I look forward to meeting you both, but not just now, actually we came home last wednesday and my time has been pretty filled, but I am going to get the blog up to date tomorrow..... I hope,